December 30, 2010


Congratulations Malaysia for winning AFF Suzuki Cup for the first time! ^^
with the top scorer also from our team which is Safee
but i think almost everyone will agreed with me that
Apek aka Khairul Fahmi is... the MAN

December 29, 2010

Penang's memory lane and Misai being cute~

Penang & Kedah trip~~ 13 people, 3 cars, we set off on Friday morning, made a quick pit-stop at UiTM Seri Iskandar and arrived in Penang around 3:45pm. Already, we experienced heavy traffic which is much worse than KL =_=.

So~ what did we do for 2 days & 2 nights in Penang? EAT OF COURSE! Nasi Kandar, Rojak Pasembor, Laksa Penang etc~ Oh, BTW i ate the most priciest Rojak Pasembor in my life, RM18! Terkejut beruk masa nak bayar, nasib sedap.. Then we went to Feringgi walk, Padang Kota, Miami Beach, air terjun and a trip down to memory lane... to almost-all of the lebuh in Penang, i even visited my old site~ dah cantik! but the picture is in Ziela's camera... =(

On Sunday morning, we head to Alor Setar for Misai's wedding! Nafis and Illi joined us halfway to Misai's house since they didn't joined us in the beginning. The wedding was so simple and selamba! He is the 1st in our batch~ aww~ he looks so darn cute and happy heheeh. All the best wishes for you my friend! May Allah bless you~

We head home later that day and managed to catch the 1st league final of Malaysia VS Indonesia at Munif's house. I safely arrived at home around 12pm after abah picked me up at Ziela's house...

so when is the next trip folks?? =D


December 22, 2010

Time To Love

T-ara ftw~~~~!!!!!!!

T-ara & Supernova - Time to Love (TTL) 2009

T-ara & Supernova - Time to Love 2 (TTL2) 2009  prefer this version~

Supernova - Time to Love [Japanese version] (TTL3) 2009

unfortunately, i think the Japanese company canceled on releasing the MV full version, so only teaser. And supposedly T-ara is in here as well, but something happens so all of T-ara's part are sung by Supernova. The teaser :

T-ara - Ma Boo (TTL4) 2010 looooooovveeeeee this =3

December 14, 2010


They ain't afraid of the water~ they love it
This is what u get when u keep them in the bathroom for months..
So we can't use 'spraying with water' method if they behave naughtily..

December 10, 2010

*updated* Hanging on by a thread

Band - The Letter Black

I recommend this band if u enjoyed Alternative Rock. They got good stuff. Even the singer got eerie-high vocal and not all songs have ears-pitching screaming. I read this band also 'praying' in their music, but through rock version. In our Malay culture, maybe u can said nasyid-rock version? I have heard almost all of the songs and i can say that some of the songs do gives out positive vibes to the God like 'Collapse' 'There'll come a day' and 'Hanging on by a thread' . Some of the songs that i keep on re-playing :

More To This
There'll come a day

December 7, 2010

\('_ ';)/

It is not bad but I feel sudden pressured
I just don't like sudden options that i have to choose between myself and other people
I know very well what i want and what i am capable of but i dont want to let other people down either

This is very stressing

December 6, 2010

Last Saturday

Last Saturday, Shaza, Nollie and I went to offline bazaar at Damansara, it was pretty hectic. Nothing that goes to my liking.. there were some, but too expensive and i think i can find much cheaper than that =P. Anyway, while waiting for Ziela and Ida to arrived, we grab a snack at Wondermilk~ finally heeh. But we were kinda in a hurry so i couldn't enjoy it that much =(. Will go there again! Then after having our lunch at Nasi Ayam Hainan, we went to Mid Valley for Nollie to buy some things since she's going to Hong Kong on Wednesday... super jealous kay~~ better buy me some gifts! lol

Nollie~ looking rather tired
Bonus~ Time with Ah Teh~
What kind of style is this???