October 26, 2009

Thousands of lights as the backdrop

never realized KLCC looks so much beautiful, up-close during nightfall
*oh ya cuz x suke kuar lepak stu byk rempit

October 25, 2009

hmm ichigo again

i LoiKe~ ^^

rukia's bro n the crazy shinigami to the rescue~!

October 17, 2009

Random 9

this and that
nothing good comes from it
better stay in one space
cant choose neither of the 2 places
which one is more important?
which one comes first?
in this matter
sorry i dont know what to offer

These past 2 weeks

we have 3 tortoises that we placed at the balcony. every morning, simba will visit them dan bermain bersama2. so after that most of the floor area will have water drippings since simba joins in the pool under the sun~

zorro, goliath and gimli

sniff sniff

come and play~!

a lot of open houses of my friends. but sorry i couldn't attend all of them and mostly are my ex-skewlmates n studiomates =(. but i really wanted too! sorry feera, dayah, nolie, etc... i'll try to make it up.. somehow.. =P

Asmiza's open house

Amy's open house

Loq's open house

As we all know *ok maybe certain people know, ninie and i took a part time job doing a master's student thesis. his title is about the area around jalan TAR. we went there last tuesday. sgt panas and sgt letih. when we decided to get back to shah alam, we're already at kl sentral, anne asked us "kalau boleh sampai shah alam around 5pm". so ninie n i decided to go to Muzium Negara which is 10-15 minutes walk from kl sentral. after that we headed back straight to shah alam.

last nite, my little sister and i went to aimi's bday party. as usual she designed her own birthday cake and this time it's full of globes. as a result, she dont know how to divide the cakes. so everyone ends up dpt a very thin slice cuz aimi sayang nak potong bebulat tu XD.

Sailormoon live action?

Tsk tsk tsk *puahahahahaahahahahaa

ok ok i think i cant control my laughter but it is just.... XDDDD
walaupun da lame kuar, i couldnt help myself but to look for it after years of straining myself not to do so. who could have thought that they used plushies for Luna character??? XDD. even the costume looks... cheap *i was deeply disappointed for that, it was suppose to be a sailor suit that is so mesmerizing! but the good thing bout it is the way they 'transform'. i mean as an ordinary girl, all of them are black headed, plain looking. but when they transform their hair colours and style change just like in the manga. oh dont forget, Mamoru in here is kinda cool XD

October 16, 2009


finally its ur part! ~_~"
getting tired of the fights between the vaizards and the top 5 arancars plus aizen.
hurry get back to earth!

* why is he looking more n more cooler?? =P

October 14, 2009

Kimi may turns back to the McLaren

yay!! Kimi Raikkonen maybe back to the silver-black machine!!! XDD. the only problem is he still has a 1 year contract with the Ferrari, so his lawyers are trying to settle it. his position will be replaced with Alonso from Renault.

it was unbearable for me when there were gossips about u quitting Formula 1 and turns to Rally. all this while, the reason i watched Formula 1 is you! if u leave, who else i can cheer on?? although u always have bad luck when u were in McLaren (like ur cars blow up on the final lap, multiple engine failures) but me and my family have always been supporting u! even this season, there were always problems with the Ferrari's engine and teamwork making u uncompetitive. but ur sportsmanship is something to be proud of~ thats why we kept on cheering u! and for additional points, u are more suitable wearing the balck/silver outfits ;P.

i hope that the next season ur bad-luck-taboo with McLaren will be gone so that u can be competitive with others and win the driver's championship (again)!!

October 9, 2009

Woot Woot

nana visited me yesterday so i tumpang balik skali~
n i accompanied her to BB after that and...

Leather-vest with bronze studs

taadaaa! i found the exact same piece at bb yesterday! i saved up to RM27!

woot woot!

*i also bought a bomber jacket =P

October 5, 2009

Tripple Open House

Today it was hectic and tummy-bloated. My mum held an open house for my dad's siblings, including his stepbrothers and stepsisters. i hardly knew his steps-siblings so it was kinda awkward at first but it gradually turns out to be ok.

My dad's siblings + the families

Then i went to nabilah's open house at bandar tun razak. when i arrived, theres only emir n shaza that i knew. nabilah said naz is coming, but he didnt show up in the end and munif was lost XD.

emir, shaza, me and nabilah

after that, i asked shaza to accompany me to baah's open house at mont kiara. i was alone plus i dont know the way. it was so happen to be that shaza need a ride home and her house is near to mont kiara so she tagged along with me.

baah's house (actually its her aunt's house) is a condo on the topmost hill and..... sangat sangat cantik!!! being an architecture student, shaza and i couldnt help ourselves but to berbatak a bit XP. but we couldnt took more since it was kinda a private place, so i was afraid that we might be scolded..

baah, me, shaza, zura and ewa

so whose house next???

October 3, 2009

Let Me Be Your Wings

I love this movie to bits! it is one of my favorites back when i was a kid. i remembered that i always watching it and adoring prince cornelius, dreaming will there be someone to be my wings~ * hey i was a kid back then so i love fairy tales and..... now i noticed his hair is kind weird. but i still love this scene!!

So, will u be my wings? <3

Naz's Open House

Date : 2/10/2009
Venue : Naz's House

it has been a long time since we talked
it has been a long time since we laughed
it has been a long time since we crowded a space
it has been a long time since we make it happening

it has been a long time since (almost) all of us gathered together again
but i know, it was one of the happiest moments of my life =)

miss u guys~ first batch of JSB
may our friendships last till the end