October 14, 2009

Kimi may turns back to the McLaren

yay!! Kimi Raikkonen maybe back to the silver-black machine!!! XDD. the only problem is he still has a 1 year contract with the Ferrari, so his lawyers are trying to settle it. his position will be replaced with Alonso from Renault.

it was unbearable for me when there were gossips about u quitting Formula 1 and turns to Rally. all this while, the reason i watched Formula 1 is you! if u leave, who else i can cheer on?? although u always have bad luck when u were in McLaren (like ur cars blow up on the final lap, multiple engine failures) but me and my family have always been supporting u! even this season, there were always problems with the Ferrari's engine and teamwork making u uncompetitive. but ur sportsmanship is something to be proud of~ thats why we kept on cheering u! and for additional points, u are more suitable wearing the balck/silver outfits ;P.

i hope that the next season ur bad-luck-taboo with McLaren will be gone so that u can be competitive with others and win the driver's championship (again)!!


Fatin Shaza said...

kimi ni orang mana? sweden?

Syima said...

nope. he's from finland