June 26, 2009

Parents-Teachers day

This morning my mum woke me up ridiculously early. she wants me to accompany her to ira's school to fetch her n her report card. "hehe this gonna be interesting" i thought... my dad sort of 'merajuk' with them cuz he never saw them studyg, he can already guess what kind of marks for their subjects. so he never wanted to go to school and take their report cards. my mum had to go in his place.

all i can say is, my dad was right.. hehe. i couldnt stop giggled watching ira 'kene tegur' by mama n her teachers. after that we went to boy's school, same thing happened XD. poor boy he couldnt go back with us cuz his teacher would not let him.

after that we went to kl, sending mama to her office (she's taking a half-day off). b4 that we had our lunch at Bangkok Expresso, which my meal was salty, sour n sweet all over XP. should have pick a different dish. ira's face still sulky at this time~

we stop by Friday Bazaar behind mama's office to buy some groceries and.. shopping! ^^. they sell all of those that u can find in the online stores with cheaper price! finally i can lay my hands on this zebra printed bf shirt and a cool baby milo t-shirt~ cheap cheap!

btw my lil bros n lil sis asked me to bring them to the cinema to watch transformers tonight or weekend.. aarghh~ malasnye nak beratur! but, come to think of it, i want to watch the transformers again! hehe

MJ has died

No joke.
Michael Jackson, the 'King of Pop' was found not breathing this morning.
It's a shocking news.. right b4 his biggest comeback concert of his lifetime where the tickets were all sold out

Link --> Yahoo News

June 22, 2009

It's not fair

why do u always gets the best part
dari dulu sampai sekarang


im trying to change my layout. (shaza wish me luck!) so, there maybe some missing links and such. do kindly stop by my blog to say hye or watsoever so dat i can have your links back.

wish me luck!


Ok i've made my changes. any comments?? maybe some of the links are not working? tell me tell me~

Good luck my friend

One of my studiomates, Hafeez is going to further his studies at Australia this coming Friday, taking degree in architecture. i wish you all the best luck and may God bless you my friend =). Don't forget our friendship!

after reciting Yaasin

took a picture with orang-yang-paling-penting-dalam-majlis

some of my pretty girls~ gonna miss u guys!

makcik2 makan x ingat


aaaah trying to stay positive during the kenduri, somehow i felt a lil leftout.. maybe u get what i meant *sigh

June 17, 2009

warga RUMI sekalian

klik klik


ruang utk participants and observer meluahkan isi hati diarang yg terpendam

altho i was one of the facis of this architectural workshop, i couldnt help it but agreed with them, cuz i am also sumwhat frustrated with it.

yeah they said "its ok, cuz performance gempak!" but what about the module and other stuffs? we had done the best we could to cover up some silly mistakes, i hope the participants and observers would 'forgive' us.

they compared RUMI to other architectural workshop in the past, i think you know what they're trying to say. what has done is done. if we could, we WILL rewrite the chapter of RUMI, but we couldnt..

June 16, 2009

missing you already

i read this manga 'Kaichou wa Maid- sama!'. it's interesting. as i read it, at its last updated chapter, i stopped, laughed out loud and started to missing... EYESHIELD 21!! y?? bcuz of this!

cerberos!! hiruma's demon dog! waaa missing eyeshield already
please sambungkanla citetu~ X(

A slice of hope?

We will try together...

June 14, 2009

Stupid Wheel 2

dont know what to say anymore
tried so hard but it's still useless

its not my fault alone
u have to realize it and come to ur sencess

looks like Uitm is "Dihatiku."
extend 1 more sem

Bad things comes one after another
Y am i suffering it alone

Vacation in KL

we wanted a vacation but also need to cut some budget. so as a result, we 'visited' Bukit Bintang. Save budget on the road trip and expensive foods plus saves time.

a performance in the middle of BB

RUMI architectural workshop @ UiTM


ziela & i are faci's for Um and Group 4 - Archypelago

shaza & her hawt~ specs

flying 3D-structure at MBSA field

Archypelago making panjut

experimental music team

last day

wif our beloved ketuat

Eyeshield 21 has come to an end

noooooooo~ am stil not satisfied!! X((((. the ending was ok but.. it was not kinda ending that i was suspected, and it is a sad ending... *sobsob

June 11, 2009

An award for me

I was awarded with this award by Sai n Effa. thanks u guys~ this is the second award for me
Then, i would like to award this award to a few friends of mine. Thank you for everything u guys..



I am home after 2 weeks staying at UiTm for RUMI architectural workshop.
For the participants, im sorry for our mistakes and disadvantages.
But i do have a lot of fun with my group 4, Archypelago n handling Universiti Malaya with Ziela.
It really helps me swaying mind away from few things.
Tomorrow, my family gonna have a little vacation fro 2 days.
We're gonna stay at a hotel in the heart of Bukit Bintang.
It is a first time for us, 'vacation' in the middle of KL.
Well at least i can know how is the night lives around there.
But i really need this, thanks mama.

June 10, 2009

Stupid wheel

getting tired of thinking and hearing the phrase "Life is like a wheel"
yeah the good things always comes by, but so does the unfortunate things.
it keeps on coming and history repeated itself, again and again.
although lots of promises and commitment had been said and done.
but it still wont satisfy the ones' needs.
its sad and hurts.

June 1, 2009

Random lists

1. off to architectural workshop RUMI (am a fasilitator) that will be held from 7th of June till 11th of June.

2. confirm with nana about his bro's wedding. afraid that i might not gonna make it because of RUMI.

3. edit research paper that was given back by Dr Yusof last saturday (D*MN this subject still haunting us!)

4. submit 2 hard copies of research paper to Dr Yusof on 13th oh June.

5. wait for my degree offer (middle of June)

6. called kak Intan Jasmine if she still wants to hired me if i didnt get the degree offer.