June 30, 2011


With one of my sun-shines, Ah Teh ♥

June 24, 2011

Rolling in the deep

loving the beats~ it's addicting

June 21, 2011

Over the last weekend

Alhamdulillah~ i got a call from UiTM, calling me for an interview for Master of Architecture next week. I still haven't start my portfolio yet >.<, maybe tonight... 1st time i will be going to the interview without my friends =(, i hope this will turn out to be great *praying~

Last Friday we celebrated Ziela's birthday at Williams, Shaza who just came back from Australia also joined in. The red-velvet cuppies are all thanks to Miss Ida. Sangat sedap ok! Ida, u don't mind if i want to be ur future customer for this right?

On the next day, Ziela and I went to Shaza's big bro wedding at Seri Pacific Hotel, KL. His face was beaming with big smiles and happiness ahaahah~ Dapat le tuw~~ joke joke xP. Anyway congratulations on your wedding Abg Zaffri, may u and your wife be blessed =). Oh, and the food was super nice, especially the butter prawn and air batu campur~ nyum nyum
After that, Ziela and I went to IKEA for some window shopping, but Ziela ends up bought a thing or two. We then quenched our thirst with Starbucks' Frappucino with the CLEO coupon that i got. After dropping Ziela at her house, i joined Red, Aden and Sopey at Ampang for dinner and later a midnight movie, KL Gangster. It is awesome! I like it! The only thing that is slacking is the way the movie ended, they should have tell us like in a motion on how they all turn out to be, not just by telling us by using a narrator =_=

Shaza still hasn't taste the infamous froyo. So yesterday, after officework, Red and I meet Shaza at Wangsa Maju's Tutti Frutti for her very first froyo! BTW thanks Shaza for the treats heheh~ After that we watched Kunfu Panda 2 at Wangsa Walk yes, 3rd time for me, but i don't really mind hahah. Yesterday will be the last time i hang out with Shaza before she went back to Aussie this Thursday, gonna miss u babe ='(. Take care~ and good luck for your final semester!

June 14, 2011

Nain's wedding

My closest male-cousin, Nain, has married to a lovely woman, Zue, last 2 weeks. We attended both sides of the wedding. First on the female side we went to her house in felda, Chemomoi, Pahang. It took about 3 hours to get there, good thing i was not the driver at that time haha~

Then, last week i took 3 days off and went to Kelantan with my mum and Ira. My dad as usual, not going back. Boy, he got an exam and Afiq doesn't want to go if he is the only guy. So us ladies did the job~ We went there on Wednesday night and returned home on Sunday morning.

Khadeeja. My anak sepupu (niece? im not sure haha!) Comel gila babs!

To my cousin Nain and wife Zue, hope u guys have a blessed life and live happily ever after~ =)

June 1, 2011

Random 16

How am i doing right now.?

Actually i am doing just fine. I just keep on walking on the path that the Lord has set out for me and for now it is totally smooth and i like it. I do realize that it is not gonna be forever smooth but yeah, i have to prepare for it. I feel that I have become more matured than ever, but still i can't cast aside my kiddy-self kekeke.

My priority right now is continuing my studies. So now i am doing all i can so that my design report will be full of my works. Please pray for me people so that i'll be called for the interview and pass it with flying colours so that i can continue my studies~~ >.<
Okay this post is so random~

Nur Kasih + Karaoke

Yayness~~ last Friday, Kak intan once again belanja karaoke at Red Box Pavilion and a movie, Nur Kasih. The movie is OK. It would be better if they didn't make the plot-changes to soon. When we were getting started to feel the emotions then suddenly the plot and setting changes. I have to admit that sometimes i got confused as well because there is so much flashback and in the flashback there are more flashback. So u really have to concentrate. BTW i still don't like Nur with Adam. I want Nur with Aidil =(. It is so not fair to him... huhu.

After the movie ended we head straight to Red Box and sing our hearts out! It was so much fun~~ Thank you so much Kak Intan! ^^

Penang Again! May trip~

All of my friends that were studying are having their semester break now. Since we all didn't spend much time together like before and of course to have some fun we planned a trip to Penang!

We hit the road on Thursday night, 23rd of May and stayed at Penang for 3 nights. There were 4 cars, we gathered at Loq's house 1st before starting the journey approximately around 2am and arrived in Penang around 9am. I rode on Adam's car, i got the backseat all for myself YAYness~~ since its gonna be crampy if there will be another passenger.

So what were the activities??? 1st one, obviously eating. Kerang bakar, sotong bakar, nasi kandar, rojak pasembor, char kuey teow, rojak kangkung+sotong, laksa penang, roti canai banjir, roti bakar telur goyang, sup, tandoori... u name it i have taste it all. Don't ask me where is this place or whether it is yummy or not because i am not a picky eater, i just eat what i got served. But i highly recommend Tandoori Chicken+Nan at Hameediyah (don't know whether this is the correct spelling) TERBAAAIIIKKKKK~~~~. Oh yeah, i still haven't taste the best Char Kuey Teow. They were all tasteless huhu.

Then it is the beach! We went to 2 beaches, the Feringgi Beach and Pantai Panjang. I super like Pantai Panjang! But too bad there was no proper changing room/toilet nearest to our camp area so i didn't join the boys for a dip in the sea. Well all of the girls didn't, hahaaha. The sun oh-la-la so hot and bright! We took lots of pretty pictures, but when we went home, all of us were toasted.

Other than that we just simply visited iconic-tourist destinations like Bukit Bendera, Tokong Ular, Batu Feringgi Night Market and etc. We went to War Museum but our pocket money were running low and the entry fees were kinda high so we just hang around for a couple of minutes and went home. Such a pity though, the museum looks interesting. Loq and Ida keep on saying that if they come to Penang again, the War Museum is a must to visit. On the way home, i hitched on Aden's car with Ziela and hit the road first because we need to stop by at UiTM Perak for our referee forms. On the way back, the others (they arrived in Subang first) ajak lepak but i don't want to because i was so damn tired so Ziela and Aden sent me home.
The after-sunset-sky in Seri Iskandar. Amazing isn't it?
some of  the pictures credit to Adam, Ziela and Red

So.. when is the next trip?? =D And am also waiting for my overseas' friends! Shaza! Nabilah!