June 14, 2011

Nain's wedding

My closest male-cousin, Nain, has married to a lovely woman, Zue, last 2 weeks. We attended both sides of the wedding. First on the female side we went to her house in felda, Chemomoi, Pahang. It took about 3 hours to get there, good thing i was not the driver at that time haha~

Then, last week i took 3 days off and went to Kelantan with my mum and Ira. My dad as usual, not going back. Boy, he got an exam and Afiq doesn't want to go if he is the only guy. So us ladies did the job~ We went there on Wednesday night and returned home on Sunday morning.

Khadeeja. My anak sepupu (niece? im not sure haha!) Comel gila babs!

To my cousin Nain and wife Zue, hope u guys have a blessed life and live happily ever after~ =)


Illi Hzbull said...

comel ur niece!
syima, nafis n i dh tunang..
sorry tau tak inform, wt simple2 je..
nnt kawen mesti dtg ye! :)

Syima said...


Fatin Shaza said...

Hoiii update mcm orang gila! nice to see u blogging again :P

Syima said...

hahah whats that suppose to mean??? i da lama update kay =P