July 25, 2009

Meet the parents~

his parents meet my parents just now. OMG OMG 0_o

we're suppose to accompany shaza to buy 'baju raya' at BB. but when hafizal came to my house to pick me up, his car suddenly broke down. so we went to BB by taxi.

around 4:30, hafizal's dad called him saying that he will come to my house to tarik the car. i was like "OMG OMG!" umah sgt bersepah! n im the only one left cuz all of my family went out. on our way back, i begged hafizal, asking him to help me kemas umah and such. yalah~ the car is right in front of my house, so it's kinda rude if i didn't ask his parents to come in. suddenly, at the junction outside of my house, hafizal said,"errr b.. i think that is my dad's car, that black perdana... yes it is"

OMG OMFG! now his parents are going to see me climbing the fence! (the fence is lock n the house key is inside the shoerack, so i have to climb the fence) and there will be no time to tidy up the living room!!!! this is the worse nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was so 'petrified' even the taxi driver laugh at me X((((

oh! my family are already back at home! n mama already tidy up the room n such..
IM SAFE! XDDDDDD. so the 'boys' stay outside to see the car while the 'girls' went into the house. after that all of us gathered together at the living room talking and gossipping. hmm thanks to Waja, our parents get to meet each other... LOL what a day...

p/s: sorry shaza!!! i will accompany u again next week! i promise! i pun x puas tadi! X(((

July 24, 2009


UiTm Shah Alam ditutup seminggu kerana kes H1N1~
from 27.7.2009 till 2.8.2009

*happy hols! xyah anta report!! XDDD

July 21, 2009

Hey Tuesday

Waking up
The evening sky looks damp
Fresh after-rain wind circling the room
Trying to straighten up my mind
Why is it so lonely?
Where is everybody?
Oh! its Tuesday~

Checking my emails
Tons of unread messages
Brewing my tea
Enjoying the sound of dripping rain
Daydreaming for a while
The atmosphere is quiet
Because its Tuesday

Cooking for the first time in the house
Fried rice with sausages
Listening to the music
The sun came out shining brightly
Lightens up my mood
It may be a good day today
Welcome Tuesday

July 16, 2009

Bad people are just plain B******. be careful girls

around 1 & a half hour ago, we're all doing our stuffs in our bedrooms when one of my housemates got 'attack' while she was entering our house.

a guy hugged her from the back, pulled her cardigan covering both her mouth n neck, trying to pull her backwards. thank God, she was able to break free, kicked that guy, slammed the door n screamed like crazy. all she can see b4 the door shutted was that guy is fair n wearing a blue jacket. we did a police report immediately after that, but it was no use since she never saw that guy's face and it was late at night. that guy could already ran off by that time.

what a jerk! gile berani! our house is one floor above a restaurant and it was still full of people that time ok! man he's so daring to attack around that time. unfortunately there is no eye-witness. so now, we can only be alert n stay in groups..

July 10, 2009


arrgh! hurry up! battle battle! but the cool part is when captain yamato asked shinji whose side where they on? then shinji said "not your side, not aizen's side, we are on ichigo side.." yeah! hurry up already! why lah do u always stop at the interesting part! 19 pages only plak tuh ~_~'''

July 6, 2009

My lovely kitties

ok everyone has a bad hair day,but my kitties are damn cute! love u simba n nala~
Simba's eyes are so mesmerizing & Nala looking like an angel, staring at me passionately XD

Uitm dihatiku~

I'm onlining at ayu's house~ ayu kidnapped me n ziela to her condo bcuz she was home alone so kami akan bertolak sama2 ke kelas esok~ *ayu! u r the junior, n we're the seniors! >.< (nak sedapkan ati)

the house that ziela, syamim & i rented is ok~ but our room kinda small for 4 people, but its not like we're gonna have class everyday, so less stuffs in our room (especially clothes and book). syamim is still not here, so im not sure how we're going to the class this week (calling for ayu! or adam! or emir!, last resort--> by foot)

c-yaa next time.. i mean when i bring my laptop to the studio or when i have an internet connection =P

July 2, 2009

FINALLY Aizen & Vaizard

what took you guys so long???!!!!!!!
*n where the hell is ichigo?? doesnt he already killed ulquira?? (i dont think i spelled his name correctly)