July 6, 2009

Uitm dihatiku~

I'm onlining at ayu's house~ ayu kidnapped me n ziela to her condo bcuz she was home alone so kami akan bertolak sama2 ke kelas esok~ *ayu! u r the junior, n we're the seniors! >.< (nak sedapkan ati)

the house that ziela, syamim & i rented is ok~ but our room kinda small for 4 people, but its not like we're gonna have class everyday, so less stuffs in our room (especially clothes and book). syamim is still not here, so im not sure how we're going to the class this week (calling for ayu! or adam! or emir!, last resort--> by foot)

c-yaa next time.. i mean when i bring my laptop to the studio or when i have an internet connection =P


Illi Hzbull said...

gud luck syima~
nnt bosan2 call i..
kte jln2, hehe

tibe2 je kan ;p

Syima said...

okeh! >.<