August 30, 2010

Family Outing

My dad was so cute last Saturday. He insisted to take us to Ampang City. He said there are shops selling branded goods for cheaper price since they are rejected. So my mum, Ira and I went there with him. Yeah our eyes were beaming. My mum and I went straight to the handbags. It was kinda strange that they didn't put any price tag. My mum asked the seller what is the price and she said ,"It is RM1050 but for Merdeka sale we letting it off for RM799." Our jaw drops. I whispered at my mum,"Abah sanggup bayar ni ke? Seriously??" Apparently my dad heard all of it and his expression changed to shocked+scared xD. "Buat apa beli beg sampai Rm700?? Pergi pasar???"

Hahaahah! Actually my dad didnt know the prices range at that store. He thought since they were rejected, the prices should be low (he maybe thought about F.O.S or Reject Shop). We laughed at his silliness and we went home. On the way back, he can't stop talking about it. "Mama dah pegang beg Rm800. Takut abah" LOLOLOLOLOL

❀ ✿ ❀ ✿ ❀ ✿ ❀ ✿

Yesterday we went to BB for raya shopping for both of my brothers, and I was having fun choosing and dressing up my brothers hehe. Too bad there is no big size for Afiq ☹ I really want to change his style, I already did a good job with Boy hehe. But the problem with Boy is, he is too skinny. Some of the outfits that he likes turns out to be too big for him. My mum grumbled "Sorang besar sangat, sorang kecik sangat. macam mana nie."

Surprisingly, I spent so less this year, the cheapest among my siblings. I bought a t-shirt, a headband and a small bag. Wah~ am I getting more matured in handling money?? hehe. For breaking fast, we went to Coronade Hotel. Oh the good food~ they didn't have varieties of food but it's worth it for Rm49 per head ^^. Plus we get special discount since the manager is my dad's friend. I burned a lot of calories while window shopping but gained back later that evening. Aish aish =_=

August 20, 2010

Debating with doc regarding Architecture and Engineering

Last night, i had an appointment with the doctor for my health issues. While doing some check-up, he asked me questions regarding my working life until this :

doc : So where do u work?
me : at Ampang Hilir, an architectural firm
doc : ooh~ so u are an engineer??
me : err no.. im an architect (almost)
doc : yalah, engineer la kan?
me : No! im an architect.
doc : isn't Architecture under Engineering? bukan sama ke??
me : [getting defensive] No, it is not!
doc : really? i though it is the same???
me : No!

Dear citizens, Architecture is NOT under Engineering. According to my understanding after 4 and a half year of studying and almost 1 year working experience (including practical training), Architecture is the whole, while Engineering is more to specific. Architecture is the process or its field of work that always associated with creativity/art, consists of designing and constructing a building or space. Engineering on the other hand is the deeper level in constructions, which is the system and structure of the building/space. It implemented the knowledge of mathematics, physics & others law of science into the construction to achieve the perfect structure.

Search the internet if u are disapproving. Net is the biggest library in the world.

August 14, 2010

This is an August 14th post

After some discussion with feera and shaza.. yeah its a Biscotti hehee.
Nyum nyum~~

Simba is the 'boy-scout' and now playing dead

He tried to use my finger to pick-poke his nose but the holes are too small

I was bored the whole day, woke up at noon with nothing to do... actually i have lots of things to do. haha like the usual 'housewife' chores. As i was doing my works suddenly i remembered that it was like 1 month ago that i pre-ordered my Version C, instantly i called the store and... the albums just arrived YESTERDAY!! Kyaaa~ frantically i changed and went to TimeSquare to pick up my goodies~~~ *.* I went home with it happily... plus with another pre-order for Hangeng's "Geng Xin" and Super Show 2 DVD Premium Live in Japan... oh yeah~ I WAS SO FREAKING HAPPY THAT I SKIPPED A BIT TO THE LRT STATION.. *embarrassed while thinking about it*

(*. * )

OMO reading the fanaccounts really makes me felt depressing for not watching it LIVE. They said the boys were awesomely 'flying', energetic and totally DAEBAKK. They did some parodies of Crazy In Love, Single Ladies and Pokerface! They change the songs a bit and there were rumors saying that Kibum was there performing TWINS KNockout. But it was just rumors.. *dies T^T* But the most surprising thing is, SS3 just ended like 30minutes ago and already Entertainment Weekly has already did a cover up?! they are so amazing! o.O

WTF Pharaoh Kyuhyun??
OMG pretty Heechul banging those drums???


August 11, 2010

We tried hard

We followed every steps in the book,
how to make 'eye-smile'
instead we end up looking like
fucking retarded girls =_=
doesnt even close to smiling eyes at all~
its more to sleeping eyes

i think Ira did make it in the last picture.. i still look retarded tho

August 9, 2010


SHoot! How come i didnt know that Xtina's movie is coming out??!! and also there is Cher?! aah KPOP really has swept me away like a big tsunami. By the way, she looks so fantastic o.O ! except the fact that i still disagrees with her boobs.. it is still kinda big for her small frame. But well its OK, Christina rocks~! ^^

BTW Kristen Bell looks matured in brunette... and the bartender guy somehow looks like Beckham @.@

EDIT : OMG the bartender guy is so dreamy!! Cam Gigandet~ no wonder he looks familiar! he's the HOT-bad vampire in the 1st twilight! Too bad his character died in that movie.. i like him the most.. along with the short-haired girl in Edward's family. I still like his long hair tho. But his short hair is not bad either ;)

August 8, 2010

For the sake of updating

Fatty-cutey-bom-bom~~ Chimba Simba~
Now the father of 3 lovely kittens!
Cant took their picture yet, besides Nala look very exhausted
p/s : all of them are orange...