August 9, 2010


SHoot! How come i didnt know that Xtina's movie is coming out??!! and also there is Cher?! aah KPOP really has swept me away like a big tsunami. By the way, she looks so fantastic o.O ! except the fact that i still disagrees with her boobs.. it is still kinda big for her small frame. But well its OK, Christina rocks~! ^^

BTW Kristen Bell looks matured in brunette... and the bartender guy somehow looks like Beckham @.@

EDIT : OMG the bartender guy is so dreamy!! Cam Gigandet~ no wonder he looks familiar! he's the HOT-bad vampire in the 1st twilight! Too bad his character died in that movie.. i like him the most.. along with the short-haired girl in Edward's family. I still like his long hair tho. But his short hair is not bad either ;)


Fatin Shaza said...

yeah the only guyi like in the first twilight was James.

Syima said...

at some part he looks like beckham too~~~~

well its the only twilight movie i watched b tw. i x tgk lagi crita ke-2 and ke-3