August 14, 2010

This is an August 14th post

After some discussion with feera and shaza.. yeah its a Biscotti hehee.
Nyum nyum~~

Simba is the 'boy-scout' and now playing dead

He tried to use my finger to pick-poke his nose but the holes are too small

I was bored the whole day, woke up at noon with nothing to do... actually i have lots of things to do. haha like the usual 'housewife' chores. As i was doing my works suddenly i remembered that it was like 1 month ago that i pre-ordered my Version C, instantly i called the store and... the albums just arrived YESTERDAY!! Kyaaa~ frantically i changed and went to TimeSquare to pick up my goodies~~~ *.* I went home with it happily... plus with another pre-order for Hangeng's "Geng Xin" and Super Show 2 DVD Premium Live in Japan... oh yeah~ I WAS SO FREAKING HAPPY THAT I SKIPPED A BIT TO THE LRT STATION.. *embarrassed while thinking about it*

(*. * )

OMO reading the fanaccounts really makes me felt depressing for not watching it LIVE. They said the boys were awesomely 'flying', energetic and totally DAEBAKK. They did some parodies of Crazy In Love, Single Ladies and Pokerface! They change the songs a bit and there were rumors saying that Kibum was there performing TWINS KNockout. But it was just rumors.. *dies T^T* But the most surprising thing is, SS3 just ended like 30minutes ago and already Entertainment Weekly has already did a cover up?! they are so amazing! o.O

WTF Pharaoh Kyuhyun??
OMG pretty Heechul banging those drums???


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