January 29, 2010

SuJu & SHinee

Yay~ got the Super Show tickets~!! XDDD Alhamdulillah~
*tp x dpt poster dah habis ='((

The boys, age range from 23-18 will be arriving inS'pore tomorrow~ lucky Singaporeans~ >.<. If they come to Malaysia, im sure Ira will skip school and beg+drag me to KLiA and ikot diorang sampai diarang balik Korea *kinda relief altho rs cam xbest plak x dpt tgk Ring Ding Dong & Jojo =((

Details --> Pops-In-Korea

January 26, 2010

One of the reasons on why tennis is amusing

"This combo (L to R) shows Marin Cilic of Croatia running for a ball and vaulting over a lineswoman, then checking (far R picture) if she was injured, while playing against Andy Roddick of the US in their men's singles quarter-final match on day nine of the Australian Open tennis tournament in Melbourne on January 26, 2010. AFP PHOTO / GREG WOOD (Photo credit should read GREG WOOD/AFP/Getty Images)"

source - Yahoo Sport

LOL puahahah good thing that woman ducked her head or else she would be kissing his **** XDDD

January 25, 2010

Same but different?

Artist : Oda Suzuka

Artist : Miyako Ritsu

I was randomly search for a new manga to read when i found Shinrei Tantei Yakumo (Oda Suzuka). It's about a college student, Saitou Yakumo who born with different eye colors. His red left eye gave him a special ability to see ghosts and spirits. Being asked for help by Ozawa Haruka, together they began the investigation. The drawings were nicely done also, it was beautiful! but sadly there's only 2 chapters so i have to wait for the new updates.

So i searched for a new one when i found Shinrei Tantei Yakumo - Akai Hitomi wa Shitteiru. Hmm same title as the manga before.. so i clicked it. Apparently it is the same manga, same synopsis, same author, only different artists. The storyline is also quite the same. Different artist got different views on the way the author describes it. Its like i'm watching the same story but from different angle.

Fortunately, the second manga is already completed so i think i'll be enjoying it... I said "i think" mainly because i prefer the drawings from the artist Oda Suzuka more~~ >.<. His drawings is the same style as the artist of Bloody Monday & Death Note, beautiful-handsome characters with almost perfect body-parts and movements. Artist Miyako Ritsu also did a good job, but im more bias to the first artist.. XP

Come to think of it, why bother re-draw the same manga?? *ok ok enough of it and start reading the manga syima

It's You, Listen... To you

Gah! how come i never watched this Drama only version??? ~_~'' I only watched the Full MV and the Dance only version. Good thing that i subscribed to SM Ent. *kyu kyu kyu~ ^^

Kyuhyun new solo song. OST for drama Pasta. Listen... To You, acappella version. Ur voice is soothing as usual X))

January 24, 2010

When u got nothing to do

Last minute idea to participate in Sorority Life contest for outfits suitable for Valentines Day. The top 3 will get 200 brownie points! The concept of the first one is more to casual, plain outfits and the second one is printed and lace.

Ok i was bored and as i was wasting my time playing facebook games, i accidentally clicked the contest button and it says tomorrow is the closing date. So i was like,"oh well~ im bored so just give it a try, xde fees pon~ mane taw bole menang ke??" haha =P

January 22, 2010

Random-burning 11

Suddenly accidentally clicked the older messages link.. and terus panaaaaaaaas
gatai tangan pasai apa!

The hell la with you~ so what? U think that u r perfect and much better? Here's another thing. Ade aku kacau hidup ko? I dont think so. So why do u want to mess-up with my life? Even u knowing me is far below zero. Pfft the fact that u harrassed me and tried to make a fool out of me shows that u are BODOH 'swing-bowl'~ thus doesnt makes u perfect cuz ur mind needs to be re-winded.

Wind it up BODOH!

Random 10

My cute parents sgt 'khusyuk' watching a tennis match

January 19, 2010


Nak Nak Nak Nak Nak Nak Nak Nak Nak Nak Nak Nak

Dancing robots

These dancing robots are amazing!!! 0_O usually ive seen the type that do house-chores or drove a car or that can moves but kinda slow but these devils.. huh they are amazing in my eyes. If only they have english-subbed version, i dont understand a word they were saying! T_T

robots also can do cheap/pervert dances XD

January 16, 2010

Double yaaYY~

**iklan jap**

Leeteuk@Teukie kissing Eunhyuk's bunny at Sukira KTS ^^

Still believing~
Fingers crossing

YaY! Kyuhyunnie yaaayyy~!

January 14, 2010

Back to basic

Lately, my little sister keeps bugging me to help her on her school projects and arts stuff. Making a pleading face, she holds her hands like when Chinese people greets each other during Gong Xi Fa Choi and said "Pwweeeeeeeeezzzz neechaaannnnn~" *rs cam nak tampar pun ade jugak. Couldnt said no to her, i cant stand looking at her rejected face after that huhu... i will feel more annoyed.

I helped her decorated her files, her works, do some fancy wrappings and folded papers... There was one time where she spent like more than 20 minutes just to write her name cuz she keeps on re-writes it.. so i, who was annoyed watching her doing that, snatched the file from her. In the end, i think i over-do the decorations stuff =P.

Now that im helping her, somehow i felt happy and nostalgic. Its like im back to the basic thing that i love doing the most which is art. In fact, my original dream is to become an artist, never dreamed of becoming an architect before. The path that was laid upon me that makes me where i am right now.. Plus my dad was not so sure about me being an artist, he preferred it to be just no more than a hobby. But he also doesnt want to let me down so he secretly arranged for me to go to a technical school. Since i already took technical drawing class at my old school so he things that it is a no problem for me. The thing is he thought that from there i can be a fashion designer since i love to draw mangas with pretty dresses and outfits.. but dear daddy silap laa~ kat teknik mane ade~ vokasional adela! So i took civil course and from there i turned to architecture.

Back to the story where im a 'slave' for my lil sister, now i have to draw 5 school kids (which is my lil sister with 4 of her friends). She is like in charge of Keceriaan or something so she has to hiaskan board persatuan die.. Well although i have to do it instead of her doing it herself, i have to admit it that i love doing these stuffs ;) <3

January 12, 2010

Emma/Alex Watson Burberry ads

Thanks to her big sis, Emma Watson, now the little brother, Alex Watson also jumps into the entertainment business, a modelling career for him. They both currently are models for Burberry autumn/winter/spring collection. Not much resemblance tho, Emma's eyes are darker and bigger but their nose and lips are quite the same~ **Emma is so pretty! cant believe that she is the same snobbish Hermione in the 1st Harry Potter >.<

Apparently Alex also got a mini role in Harry Potter : The order of the phoenix, where he sat beside Ron during meal time and then Hermione asked Ron ,"Do u ever stop eating?". U can see Alex's face when Harry came and Hermione called for Harry.

January 9, 2010

My top 5 SuJu shows

First i know em because of their 3rd Album single Sorry Sorry. then i get to know em better through their participation in tv-shows/drama/videos and im trully grateful for having to see these videos =). i can see the other side of em that i can hardly see during their performances on stage~. Other than these shows, they also starred in Star King, Star Golden Bell, Loveletter and others. But these 5 are my top favourites =)

5. Super Junior Come To Play
This was aired April last year, right after the launching of their album. Their leader, Teukie and Kibum was not there due to other events. They discussed about their past events and talked bout other members in the group. They revealed other members secrets and behaviours that are truly bizarre and funny that makes me ROFLOL all over

4. The SuJu Guide
A YouTube user name chaan is an angel. around Jun last year, she makes videos of every members of the group, telling us about their past and their journey to become a great artist now. Their sweet experiences and hardships all being laid open, i dont know where did she get the resources but she really did a good homework on them. chaan's hardworks truly deserves to be in my top 5 =). Her projects is still not finished tho, there are 3 more members to go, so chaan, hwaiting! This is Kyuhyun's *obviously Guide

3. Super Junior Mini Drama
This was aired in 2007, truly the best mini-drama from them! but poor quality tho.. i remembered the last time i watched the drama it was a clearer version.. hmm.. They were divided into 2 groups and they have to fight with each other in games and through actings to win. it is a fun show with extra gay-ness swarming around them~ ahahahaah! Truly can make u screaming and bulging ur eyes XD. But diarang edit out Kissing Card Game and Heart Love Game, dont know why. but u could search for it, some of the fans have upload those videos =)).. on second though i'll just give the link here =P

Kissing Card Game
Heart Love Game

2. Intimate Note ep. 24 & 25
This show is about getting close to each other. It was aired early last year. Almost all of the KPOP group that took part shows good results at the end of the show. Basically it is like this. Not all of the members in a group close to each other. So other members yang nak merapatkan A & B ni will plan something with the head of the shows. Throughout the process mmg sgt awkward la tgk, mmg sah diarang mmg x rapat with each other XD. So this show is to fix that awkwardness, making them close. The 'victims' during this show is Kangin-Sungmin pair (because of differences in personality and interests) and Heechul-Eunhyuk pair (because of they totally cant stand with each other personalities) XDDD. It is totally heartwarming and funny! XD ** the victims also had to dressup and dance to... Gee?? XDD

1. Exploration with Human Body (EHB) featuring Super Junior
This by far is the best show ever! (13 episodes i think). A MUST WATCH! Although it was aired in late 2007, and Kyuhyun only joins in the later episodes due to his injuries, but I love it! Two thumbs-up! This show is pack with educational stuff that u wont know when u studied at the school. SuJu and the host learns about the human body like our 5 senses, how to loose one senses by eating something, how to stop being ticklish, how to jump further, how to stop dizziness, how to being elastic~ it was fun!. I even tried it myself and it works! I love the segment where they tried the laughing gas and they couldnt stop laughing~ i was so pitied at them, they look sick.. hahaha. They even tried the top 3 hottest pepper in the world and mereka sgt merana ok, mata menangis2, muke sume merah2 hahaha kesian gile. (oh chili kering yg kite slalu mkn tu, no 3 ok, tp chili Thailand la). SuJU make all of the tests funny although they were the lab rats but i can tell that they had fun doing it ^^. Please do this kind of show again!!

January 6, 2010

Miracle from my bro?

oh! am i dreaming? my 17 y/o bro asked me to help him in maths??? he is actually studying?? *pinching myself

~~~he just finished his math works, which he did it so confidently and so pumped up, although there were flaws here and there. i can conclude that he is a smart boy, it's just that he needs someone to push him. yeah my dad did pushed him, but in a harsh way. so it makes him more rebellious. He is a sheep, and that sheep needs a sheep-herder to lead the way~ hmm suddenly it felt weird calling him a sheep...

well anyway i hope his spirits last till the end of the year~ Cmon bro! show more miracles!! *fingers crossing

January 5, 2010

Tuesday Post

- Went to Alor Gajah, Melaka hantar my cousin who's studying at IKBN

- About 10 minutes after we had dropped him off, Matrix was loaded with white smoke. My mum, who was behind the wheel that time, frantically stoped the car, pulled the key and jump out of the car leaving me screaming at her cuz she leaves the air-cond running with a screeching sound and more white smokes coming out of it. After some discussions with my older cousin and my dad (via hp) and a few checkups, it was the air- cond that has the problem so we had to drove back all the way to KL with hot-scorching-air and no air- cond~~

**But the funny part was.. the discussions with my dad. Well i blamed him solely for this unfortunate event cuz b4 we head off to Melaka, i insisted that we used Myvi instead of Matrix, cuz that old car was on mischief these past few weeks and my dad said "its ok la~ if x gerak lagila rosak, biar die gerak2 siket~". so my dad xleh nak 'marah2' ktorg bile benda ni berlaku since it was his 'order' to use Matrix instead of Myvi

My dad tanye macam2 gile till my mum go nuts and i said to my dad (while my mum holding the hp to her ear), "Pakaila GPRS 3G hp baru abah tu, kol sini biar mama suluh camera dlm enjin". Then tbe2 my mum hung up her hp and she LOLed hard. My dad said "Tunggu situ abah dtg". Well it took us about 2 hours to get to Melaka so my mum said "Hah? brape lame abah nk smpi???" My dad dgn selamba jawab "U nak suro abah terbang ke?? kuar dr umah pun belum lagi ni dah nak suroh abah berlepas, tunggu la" ...... XD. Well after that he didnt flew to Alor Gajah since the car boleh bergerak~ Missed the chance to see him wearing a red cape~ X)

- Stop by my cousin's house at Port Dickson for lunch and we reached home by 7 dgn badan melekit-lekit.. eerrghhh~!