January 5, 2010

Tuesday Post

- Went to Alor Gajah, Melaka hantar my cousin who's studying at IKBN

- About 10 minutes after we had dropped him off, Matrix was loaded with white smoke. My mum, who was behind the wheel that time, frantically stoped the car, pulled the key and jump out of the car leaving me screaming at her cuz she leaves the air-cond running with a screeching sound and more white smokes coming out of it. After some discussions with my older cousin and my dad (via hp) and a few checkups, it was the air- cond that has the problem so we had to drove back all the way to KL with hot-scorching-air and no air- cond~~

**But the funny part was.. the discussions with my dad. Well i blamed him solely for this unfortunate event cuz b4 we head off to Melaka, i insisted that we used Myvi instead of Matrix, cuz that old car was on mischief these past few weeks and my dad said "its ok la~ if x gerak lagila rosak, biar die gerak2 siket~". so my dad xleh nak 'marah2' ktorg bile benda ni berlaku since it was his 'order' to use Matrix instead of Myvi

My dad tanye macam2 gile till my mum go nuts and i said to my dad (while my mum holding the hp to her ear), "Pakaila GPRS 3G hp baru abah tu, kol sini biar mama suluh camera dlm enjin". Then tbe2 my mum hung up her hp and she LOLed hard. My dad said "Tunggu situ abah dtg". Well it took us about 2 hours to get to Melaka so my mum said "Hah? brape lame abah nk smpi???" My dad dgn selamba jawab "U nak suro abah terbang ke?? kuar dr umah pun belum lagi ni dah nak suroh abah berlepas, tunggu la" ...... XD. Well after that he didnt flew to Alor Gajah since the car boleh bergerak~ Missed the chance to see him wearing a red cape~ X)

- Stop by my cousin's house at Port Dickson for lunch and we reached home by 7 dgn badan melekit-lekit.. eerrghhh~!

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Nick said...

Uncle Hamzah to teh rescue!!!!!