January 9, 2010

My top 5 SuJu shows

First i know em because of their 3rd Album single Sorry Sorry. then i get to know em better through their participation in tv-shows/drama/videos and im trully grateful for having to see these videos =). i can see the other side of em that i can hardly see during their performances on stage~. Other than these shows, they also starred in Star King, Star Golden Bell, Loveletter and others. But these 5 are my top favourites =)

5. Super Junior Come To Play
This was aired April last year, right after the launching of their album. Their leader, Teukie and Kibum was not there due to other events. They discussed about their past events and talked bout other members in the group. They revealed other members secrets and behaviours that are truly bizarre and funny that makes me ROFLOL all over

4. The SuJu Guide
A YouTube user name chaan is an angel. around Jun last year, she makes videos of every members of the group, telling us about their past and their journey to become a great artist now. Their sweet experiences and hardships all being laid open, i dont know where did she get the resources but she really did a good homework on them. chaan's hardworks truly deserves to be in my top 5 =). Her projects is still not finished tho, there are 3 more members to go, so chaan, hwaiting! This is Kyuhyun's *obviously Guide

3. Super Junior Mini Drama
This was aired in 2007, truly the best mini-drama from them! but poor quality tho.. i remembered the last time i watched the drama it was a clearer version.. hmm.. They were divided into 2 groups and they have to fight with each other in games and through actings to win. it is a fun show with extra gay-ness swarming around them~ ahahahaah! Truly can make u screaming and bulging ur eyes XD. But diarang edit out Kissing Card Game and Heart Love Game, dont know why. but u could search for it, some of the fans have upload those videos =)).. on second though i'll just give the link here =P

Kissing Card Game
Heart Love Game

2. Intimate Note ep. 24 & 25
This show is about getting close to each other. It was aired early last year. Almost all of the KPOP group that took part shows good results at the end of the show. Basically it is like this. Not all of the members in a group close to each other. So other members yang nak merapatkan A & B ni will plan something with the head of the shows. Throughout the process mmg sgt awkward la tgk, mmg sah diarang mmg x rapat with each other XD. So this show is to fix that awkwardness, making them close. The 'victims' during this show is Kangin-Sungmin pair (because of differences in personality and interests) and Heechul-Eunhyuk pair (because of they totally cant stand with each other personalities) XDDD. It is totally heartwarming and funny! XD ** the victims also had to dressup and dance to... Gee?? XDD

1. Exploration with Human Body (EHB) featuring Super Junior
This by far is the best show ever! (13 episodes i think). A MUST WATCH! Although it was aired in late 2007, and Kyuhyun only joins in the later episodes due to his injuries, but I love it! Two thumbs-up! This show is pack with educational stuff that u wont know when u studied at the school. SuJu and the host learns about the human body like our 5 senses, how to loose one senses by eating something, how to stop being ticklish, how to jump further, how to stop dizziness, how to being elastic~ it was fun!. I even tried it myself and it works! I love the segment where they tried the laughing gas and they couldnt stop laughing~ i was so pitied at them, they look sick.. hahaha. They even tried the top 3 hottest pepper in the world and mereka sgt merana ok, mata menangis2, muke sume merah2 hahaha kesian gile. (oh chili kering yg kite slalu mkn tu, no 3 ok, tp chili Thailand la). SuJU make all of the tests funny although they were the lab rats but i can tell that they had fun doing it ^^. Please do this kind of show again!!


Anonymous said...

syima, full house not included? =)

Syima said...

cuidano; yup Super Junior Full House is included in my top 10 hehehe. Full house is one of their best drama shows. These are my top 5 ;))