March 31, 2010

My current wishlist

Its not much.. for now i really really 'craving' for these two....

1. Laced-Up Combat Boots

I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want

Ann Demeulemeester triple-lace-up-flat-combat-boots

inspired by Ann Demeulemeester

Fashion Flux

Sheiqs's blog
i like her fashion sense! most of her style is not girly but she makes it look hot and she rocks it!

2. Super Junior photobook - Boys in the city season 3 - Hong Kong (photobook + poster)
1) Photobook
-Size: 180 x 220 mm
-page: 436 P (cover included)

2) Special Gift
-Postcard: 64 장
-DVD: running time: 42mns / narrators: - Sungmin and Kyuhyun
Subtitles: English

Oh Em Jee! (0_o) naaak~ since i missed the season 1 photobook which was in Malaysia and season 2 in Japan, i so wanted this!!!! aah the price.. when converted to RM it is about RM185 aish... X(((

*counting money
emmmm it can happen! (@_@) but i have to be extra careful.. (~_~) but.. aaaaahhh!!!! X(((

March 27, 2010


OMG finally his dad revealed himself!!!!! XDDDDD
i've been waiting for this moment ever since Kurosaki Isshin fought againts the huge hollow plus the little chit-chat between him and Ishida's dad!

March 22, 2010

aaa~ there it goes~

Things to do after got my 1st salary :

1. Gives money to abah to pay my phone bill (my number is under his name)
2. Gives more money to abah to help him pay my ex-u-mobile number. since it is under contract and abah exterminated it before the date, so got a huge fine =_=
3. Pay my PTPTN.. yaa surat dah sampai, and im 3 months late
4. Returns mama's money since i borrowed her RM400+ before for the concert ticket =P
5. 30% from my salary will be deducted for insurance, perkeso, blablabla...
6. I want to buy some stuffs to decorate my-boring-working desk!!!

*counting2.. hmm i think i can't berjoli sangat laaa~ saving saving >.< Selagi my parents masih mampu bekerja, i dont need to give them money. On the other hand, im on my own now. my parents will no longer supports me in terms of pocket money.

Now thinking about it, i felt a huge burden on my shoulder. i have to make the next step and be more matured. Im an adult now, i have responsibilities towards my parents and siblings.. Ok that makes me shivers..

[100320] Super Show 2 (SS2) Malaysia

I dont think i remembered it all (i was damn crazy that time) but i'll try my best...

1. At 3pm, people already started to lining up. It become a total chaos when its time to get in the stadium at 6pm because people starts pushing especially at the rock pit areas because they wanted to have the best spot. 2-3 people fainted. i though 'OMG please la dont faint right now people.. or else you will miss seeing the boys'. As usual camera cannot be brought in, i hide my camera in my makeup bag happy.gif

2. audience makes a wave even before the concert start. it was fun~ ^^. SS2 Malaysia starts around 8:30pm. Fans at my seat area (L13) keeps on standing up hahaaha jumping screaming like mad ladies. SM, KH, RW & SD appears from the audience side! They open-up with an amazing video (We screamed reallly really loud when it shows Kangin and Hangeng) then they performed 'A Man In Love' it was very amazing!

4. members introduction~ (i kinda forgot about it...)
Leeteuk - fallen Angel - he did his usual adorable trick acting all cute making siwon pulled his leg heheeh
Heechul - Dangerous Cinderella - We chant 'Milky skin Kim Heechul! sarangheyo Kim Heechul!'
SHindong - Cutie Pie - oh my i like his new hairstyle ^^ much better than the usual 'bowl' hair
Yesung - Bubbly boy - he tried to make a lame joke but still we laughed at his failed moves
Sungmin - sweetest thing - as usual showing off his martial arts moves ^^
EUnhyuk - Bejeweled - he asked the fans to chant with him and later doing a strip-tease
Donghae - Sexy Fishy - he screamed 'DONGHAEEEEE!' till his last breath acting like a dork then Eunhyuk came from behind and kick his butt. Then he did his infamous backflip in like in Super Junior FullHouse heart.gif
Siwon - Living Work of Art - I LIKE! ultimately an art hehe. chocolate abs~
Ryeowook - adorable blurness - wookie doing 'whoppie~doo!' twirling around ^^
Kyuhyun - Hottest baby - he did a marvelous moonwalk and said "saya sayang awak semua" (means 'I love all of you') during members introduction.

3. During 'Heartquake' EH stood on a raised platform just in front of our face! we can clearly see his smooth-clear skin! and i dare to say he doesnt have any lines or pimples at all! -<:" alt="-.gif" border="0"> But then i think something wrong with the platform. after he finished his rap part, the platform stayed there, it doesnt come down. so EH with a blank face quoted with "Err.. what am i going to do?" since in front of him are hundreds of screaming fans. I think he felt shy because he stucked there for quite a time, so he just looked at sideways and sometimes took a peek at the fans. very very cute~ heheeh sy01ar.gif

4. Shining Star project is a success! i think the boys doesnt expect that, The stadium was completely like a night sky with white twinkling stars. Teukie couldnt hold back his tears and start crying. Dongahe, Heechul and Eunhyuk was crying too. Kyuhyun has a big smile on his face~ heart.gif

5. During Henry-mochi solo performance, once again, fans at my area, stand on our feet and chants "Henry! Henry! Henry!" (i have the fancam! i want to share it but YouTube doesnt like me! it keeps on showing error! huhuu) I was very happy that my area is full of supportive-enthusiastic fans heheeh. Henry was all smiles! But i think during Dont Don there are still fans chanting 'protect/only 13' which makes me kinda mad fist.gif . Suddenly there was a very loud screaming and chearing like really on the top of our lungs! I think the others felt the same way as i did too! so 'cheering for henry', it was a SUCCESS! heehehe
credit : Pook-ka@SZ, reupload by Blue19@sj-world

6. Again we screamed really loud when Henry and Zhoumi came on stage for Blue Tomorrow. I think my voice croaked during that ahahah! But then when it times for Super Girl, audience when mad!!! Everyone was dancing and singing along! It was very very fun

7. They performed Chu rather than Gee. But its fine because i like Chu than Gee hehheh. After that is Rokkugo! I remembered me and a girl standing beside me swaying our lightsticks like damn crazy people. Heechul ran around the stage, but the way he ran was so funny! like a little girl because he was swaying his hips hehehe

8. Overall lighting effects WERE AMAZING! i like! and of course during, SORRY SORRY everyone stand on their feet! singing and dancing along. At the end of the conncert, Super Junior express their gratitudes to us for our supports and also making us chants '4jib!' yeah! They were playing around throwing gifts and spraying fans with water gun. Some fans also brought water guns and sprayed at Donghae. Then it becomes a war, Donghae laid on his stomach, blocking his face with nemo-hat and start firing at the fans too! Also Siwon being a bad guy emptying a bottle of mineral water on Zhoumi~ Both Henry and Zhoumi were all smiles. i was so happy seeing them with no worries ^^.gif

credit to : SkynEarth 转自SJ吧

Credits: shiverjing | Reuploaded by: ❧ y σ υ @ SJ-WORLD.NET

March 14, 2010


LOL when was the last time i actually wrote in this blog????

Lots of things happened during my hiatus time but i don't think i can re-call all of it.. Hmm oh well first thing first.. Finally i got a job after months of sitting-around-getting-my-ass-bigger!! My practical firm called me 2 weeks ago asking me to come for the interview. I was offered with not so big income. But i think it is worth it since it is a small company.. To cut things short im glad they called me in =)

My monitor is full with post-it-notes hehe ^^

Wuwuwu last month one of my good friend flew to Aussie to continue her studies there.. SHazatoo~ i miss you!!! =(*Btw u should have let me take care of Caramel and Nomo. About your 'idea' of me visiting u there.. it sounds so tempting.. aaaah~!

Good luck shazato~ Dont forget me! X((

On my 2nd week of work, big storm hits my place. The road was flooded, all the way to my house! Kancil tinggal separuh! MRR2 dr 3 lane jd 1 lane. Even the road in front of my house was also flooded! Good thing my house is on the higher ground...

Sempat lagi ni snap some pictures.. =P

Hmm thats it for now.. have to continue my work.. =P

March 6, 2010

Tired man~

Its been a long time since i updated this post.. if i rajin i will make a synopsis post after this

you, yeah you.. what the fuck? what is your problem anyway? i dont even speak to you and u dont even know me. dont talk about me like u knew me since the day i was born. rather than sticking your nose in my life, go get one doubleL! or is it that your life is tooooo boring, dull, shit and sucks?

and you, thank you