March 14, 2010


LOL when was the last time i actually wrote in this blog????

Lots of things happened during my hiatus time but i don't think i can re-call all of it.. Hmm oh well first thing first.. Finally i got a job after months of sitting-around-getting-my-ass-bigger!! My practical firm called me 2 weeks ago asking me to come for the interview. I was offered with not so big income. But i think it is worth it since it is a small company.. To cut things short im glad they called me in =)

My monitor is full with post-it-notes hehe ^^

Wuwuwu last month one of my good friend flew to Aussie to continue her studies there.. SHazatoo~ i miss you!!! =(*Btw u should have let me take care of Caramel and Nomo. About your 'idea' of me visiting u there.. it sounds so tempting.. aaaah~!

Good luck shazato~ Dont forget me! X((

On my 2nd week of work, big storm hits my place. The road was flooded, all the way to my house! Kancil tinggal separuh! MRR2 dr 3 lane jd 1 lane. Even the road in front of my house was also flooded! Good thing my house is on the higher ground...

Sempat lagi ni snap some pictures.. =P

Hmm thats it for now.. have to continue my work.. =P


[369] said...

woah! orang bekerja sekarang! congratesss missy! :) all the best yee! :) tibe2 ingat mlm yang kita pose2 the last night of perak.. ate at oldtown yang bodo itu.. was disappointing but i had fun! :)

Fatin Shaza said...

Flooding lagi kat KL?

Syima said...

ayu; hahah but at least we left them a 'good' comment on the tissue right? ^^. thanks yu-yu~

shaza; kat my area. kat kl xtaw la. tp serius mmg hujan ribut. angin kuat gile

Fatin Shaza said...


Syima said...

why why shaza??? *wipe2 ur tears ^^