March 31, 2010

My current wishlist

Its not much.. for now i really really 'craving' for these two....

1. Laced-Up Combat Boots

I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want

Ann Demeulemeester triple-lace-up-flat-combat-boots

inspired by Ann Demeulemeester

Fashion Flux

Sheiqs's blog
i like her fashion sense! most of her style is not girly but she makes it look hot and she rocks it!

2. Super Junior photobook - Boys in the city season 3 - Hong Kong (photobook + poster)
1) Photobook
-Size: 180 x 220 mm
-page: 436 P (cover included)

2) Special Gift
-Postcard: 64 장
-DVD: running time: 42mns / narrators: - Sungmin and Kyuhyun
Subtitles: English

Oh Em Jee! (0_o) naaak~ since i missed the season 1 photobook which was in Malaysia and season 2 in Japan, i so wanted this!!!! aah the price.. when converted to RM it is about RM185 aish... X(((

*counting money
emmmm it can happen! (@_@) but i have to be extra careful.. (~_~) but.. aaaaahhh!!!! X(((


Seri said...

i punye duit gaji tak pernah 'selamat' drp bisikan2 pusat membeli belah :p

Syima said...

LOL! hahaahah i think i know base on your random posts about money and shopping kat ur blog heeheh