March 22, 2010

aaa~ there it goes~

Things to do after got my 1st salary :

1. Gives money to abah to pay my phone bill (my number is under his name)
2. Gives more money to abah to help him pay my ex-u-mobile number. since it is under contract and abah exterminated it before the date, so got a huge fine =_=
3. Pay my PTPTN.. yaa surat dah sampai, and im 3 months late
4. Returns mama's money since i borrowed her RM400+ before for the concert ticket =P
5. 30% from my salary will be deducted for insurance, perkeso, blablabla...
6. I want to buy some stuffs to decorate my-boring-working desk!!!

*counting2.. hmm i think i can't berjoli sangat laaa~ saving saving >.< Selagi my parents masih mampu bekerja, i dont need to give them money. On the other hand, im on my own now. my parents will no longer supports me in terms of pocket money.

Now thinking about it, i felt a huge burden on my shoulder. i have to make the next step and be more matured. Im an adult now, i have responsibilities towards my parents and siblings.. Ok that makes me shivers..


Adam said...

belanja adamo.

Syima said...

u la belanja gaji besar!