December 30, 2009

i want to see KBS Gayo Daejun!!!

aaah!! yesterday it was aired on SBS, since we dont have that channel so we couldnt see. But tonight i mean now, is KBS Gayo Daejun (music awards) and we still couldnt see it cuz KBS channel make way for the movie Iris.. aarghH!! i want to see the music showww~!!!!!! X(((

sob sob thank you allKPOP for always doing a good job to keep people like me, who couldnt get the privilege watching these shows, always on the update of the music world.. huhuhu but still... T^T *gigit tissue

SBS Gayo Daejun 2009 (this is going to be a full-video-post =P)

*** i just inserted the making of MV Seoul at the previous Seoul MV Sj & Snsd post. But only Kyuhyun and Seohyun part xoxo

SBS Gayo Daejun was held last night, is an event that wrap up the year with the performances of top songs and artists of the year with the theme Wonder World. The MC's were Super Junior's Kim Heechul, actress Park Shinhye and Jung Younghwa. These are the videos of some of the performances that i like~

4 Minute did a great job as the opening performance with the intro Hollaback Girl and their songs, Muzik & Hot Issue. T-ara "Bo Peep Remix" is kinda cool too, and i like this outfit better than their usual animal costume.. =P. F(x) not bad either but kinda weird not seeing Victoria doing her usual moves but the appearing of Super Junior Donghae really make the performance more in sparks! ^^. These performances are some of i like by the Girls-Group beside KARA, SNSD and others.

MJ wave is still covering the world so the Koreans are not exceptional. The Boys-Group teamed up dancing to the infamous songs of the legend. I like Lee Seung Gi performance of Smooth Crminal. He is so tall among the rest, makes my eyes focusing on him only XD and Super Junior's Billie Jeans. From SuJu, the line up at the beginning of the performance was Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun, Shindong, Sungmin & Donghae. Kyuhyun was awesome! He is one of the main dancers of SuJu!!

To other countries, cross-dressing may sound ridiculous and absurd but the Koreans really like doing it and it's normal to them. There were performances where the Girls-Group performs the boys' songs and Boys-Group to girls'. Here is a video of representatives from After school, Kara & 4Minute performing Heartbeat by 2PM (LOVE IT!!) and KARA & F(x) dancing to Ring Ding Dong by Shinee

While the boys, representative from Super Junior & Shinee with their usual gal-pal songs, Gee by SNSD (absolutely ridiculous XD). After their performance, 2PM took the other stage with the boy version of Bo Peep (FUNNY~!!!) and after that quick performance, Heechul was back at the MC stage looking 'manly' in contrast to his earlier Gee performance XDD

SuJu (Heechul-red, Teukie-aqua blue, Sungmin-green) Shinee (Taemin-yellow, Minho-blue)

Junsu and Nichkhun OMG

Lastly, i think the boys performances were the one the fans gets all hyped-up *me too!. I really really really like Shinee's Ring Ding Dong Remix performance! They're rocking the floor! Their oppas and unnies couldnt help it but joins in at the back of the stage.

And as usual Super Junior's Sorry Sorry and It's You, both remix. But they sound tired. Maybe because after they did all of the extra performances and being one of the last artist to go last, really eats up all of their stamina. Anyway SNSD joins their boy-pal on the stage for the ending of Sorry Sorry Remix. ** Heechul as usual being the most 'unique' man among them. That night is his night =P

December 28, 2009

quick Sunday update

Nala was in mischief-mode again. She completely scattered the sand in her litter box all over the place. My dad said die tgh memberontak since we separate her with Simba. Couldnt u wait missy??? Anyway i took a couple of pictures of Simba during feeding time, he looks adorable and oh my! what a long tongue u have! XD. After my dad put back the cone, he wonders off, sniffing the porch area. We're not worried whether he will runaway or such because the size of the cone make him impossible to pass through the gate XP. He then sat at his cage area but looking rather puzzld cuz his cage is gone! haha wait baby, kitorang tgh cuci nnti bb bole tdo ok? ^^. My dad said he will take Simba to the clinic tomorrow to ask the doc about his conditions.

***** My dad just got home from the clinic, and the doc has removed the tube at his bottom! hehe.. Now my dad is grooming him, while Nala is anxiously waiting for him in the house. Aww u lovebirds~

December 26, 2009

Is it me or you?

insensitive, so-carefree, couldnt-care-less attitude
that is you

All this while
it's me the one who keeps on begging
blaming me that im not enough for you
i was a boredom for you

and i accept ur blames
lowering my pride to be with you
since i trusted the bond
that was laid upon us

but when i looked back
is it me or you who is not being serious?
heh look who's talking now?
is it me or you that make others look like a fool in public eyes?

u can only see yourself alone facing the jury
u didnt even realize that i was in the same spot
u only see others mistakes
but not realizing yours

December 25, 2009

My baby is recovering~

Heh, altho Simba is recovering and has a tube at his bottom, that doesnt stop him from having outrageous style of sleeping. He woke up after he heard the sound of the camera~ Nala on the other hand sleeps in the litter box! ugh Nala how can i pats or kiss u after this... ~_~'''. Yah i know you two misses each other badly since we separate u guys, but next week u guys can play together again! ^^

December 23, 2009

My baby is sick =((

The day before yesterday, we noticed that Simba keeps on going to his litter box n he drank lost of water. He keeps on mewing too and being grumpy so we took him to the clinic. The doc said he's likely to have batu karang in his pundi kencing. When we caressed the area where his pundi kencing situated, we can felt that it's hard.

Yesterday morning, Simba undergo a surgery. The doc placed a tube at his bottom area so that he can easily pea but it's going to be messy cuz he cannot pancut and sit properly. Red thingy also running out from the tube, my dad said that's not his blood, that's the thing that makes him unable to pee... but it looks painful.. It takes about a week for him to recover. We had to place a cone at his head so that he cant pulled the tube away...

Now he's still recovering, but his face is like so depress. My lil sis couldnt stop crying after my dad brought him home after the surgery. When he look at us, it's as if he was crying and asking for our help. We already did what we could do baby, so be strong...

December 19, 2009

Black mole on white bread

Sometimes i feel like a loser trying to re-connect with my friends
because they never replied to me back
and we're quite close back then

December 18, 2009

Fussy you

I always complained to my mum bout my dad not taking us to eat dinner outside like he used to. Its like ages since we all sat around a table, eating together at a restaurant or mamak stalls. We used to do like that once every 2 weeks or once a week but now they will always be missing members at the table. Even at home, we don't wait for others, who wants to eat first then help yourself~. Its not like my dad don't eat outside anymore, it's just very very RARE now.

Around 6pm, my uncle, Pak Ngah crashed our house. The first thing he steps into our house, he asked for food *Pak Ngah is very direct. The thing is, we don't have any. We still haven't done our grocery shopping yet. Our main meal for today was porridge only, itupun sebab i mengidam nak my mum buatkan. Then suddenly my dad said ,"Lets eat outside". I was like.. huh? is this for real? My dad actually wants to eat outside together??? I happily changed clothes thinking "Tonite's gonna be a good nite~" and while doing that i was thinking how on earth that i boleh tahan selama ni, x makan same2 and all that with my dad. After that, i remembered why....

We ate at the stalls at Jalan Peel. We only arrived there around 2 minute, he already started to get annoyed. OK i dont blame him for that, cuz the services were indeed sucks. We're standing there at a table like a bunch of idiots waiting for the waiter to wipe the table. But that stupid guy, which is like 2 steps away from us, just standing there doing nothing but looking at us sambil buat muke mcm sial. My dad, with his annoyed-tone asked for that guy to wipe the table. He dgn selamba jwb ,"Bukan meja kitorang" and looking away. My dad naik angin,"Abis ko x reti nak bgtaw ktorg yg ni bukan meja ko, pdhal ko sblah aku je kan? Mmg la ko ni x pandai meniaga" The thing is that guy melawan balik~ My dad got a good point there. Ape salahnye if he just told us earlier that it was not his table? We're just beside him! He can always show us the way to HIS TABLES, so that kitorang menguntungkan kedai makan ko. My dad was right, that guy mmgla x taw meniaga.

So we sat at the different tables, with my dad still annoyed with that guy. He keeps on complaining to the other waiters on how rude that guy was till my mum and my uncle can only smile halfheartedly. He ordered Mee Rebus, and when his food arrived, he called back the waiter to take his food back. Sebabnye mee tu x dicelur. I can only shaked my head, if dah kedai tu cara die mcmtu nak wat cane kan, makan jela~ My mum with stoned-face said to my dad,"Abah xleh makan kat luar. Byk sgt kerenah". Then my bro added,"You r too fussy". We all ended up laughing...

Now i remembered why i kadang2 x berapa kisah mkn without my dad at home, cuz he is too fussy and easily annoyed with the food and services, even for small things. He doesnt care if other people were looking or not, he just care about his food. Sometimes when he did that, i just want to dig a hole and buried myself in. On our way back home, he still talks about the rude waiter, and as usual drive crazily on the road. He is easily annoyed too when he is behind the wheels. He would break hardly, honked others car and when he did that, i usually closed my eyes and covered my face so that no one can recognize me.. ahhaaaaa ^_~'''

S-E-O-U-L MV - SuJu & SNSD

OMO Kyuhyun and Seohyun love story is so cute!!! >.<. Siwon as usual being the most fitted got the role as the running man while Taeyon following him with added wheels on her bike!! XDDD. Really smart thinking by the organizers using KPOP top artist for the MV since it's a big thing now


The making off the MV Kyuhyun - Seohyun part

Kyuhyun's chest popping & wink! ^_^

December 17, 2009

Fangirl corner =P

Although 1 week has passed, but i still want to say CONGRATULATIONS!! to Super Junior for sweeping off 3 big awards at Golden Disk Awards (10/12/2009)

They won the Bonsang Award (best album), Daesang Award (album of the year) and Samsung Popular Award. That night all of the performers were awesome! i like the collaboration between SuJu, Shinee & SNSD, dancing for the tribute of the late MJ. Last but not least, again SuJu performs their infamous award winning Sorry Sorry but this time there's a new version called Sorry Sorry Answer. It was more to suave-ballad like, exposing the charming and gentlemen side of em. Their first performance of the song was on Super show 2, and now they have made a MV for it..

This is their live performance, with 2 versions of Sorry Sorry. But the sound system during Sorry2 Remix is kinda weird. but Sorry2 Answer was superb~!

The heart-warming moments when they won the all important award, Album of the year, Daesang Award

How i wish i could see it live =((. The atmosphere was superb! Even the artists jumping up & down congratulating the winners. Peminat xyah ckpla, riuh gile nk mampos. About the hair... i dont like kyuhyun's hair in the MV and during that night!! X(((. Heechul's hair was all messed up too! I preferred kyuhyun's hair in the Sorry2 n Its You MV. It's long and wavy.. huuu.

*** Just now, the first ever Melon Awards was held. SuJu topped the votes in almost all of the categories. In the end they only won The Top 10 award. The fans were puzzled and wondered about the end results since it was different from the voting polls result.

*** Hehe may we have a CF now?? Seoul CF by DBSK, SNSD n SuJu. Me likey =)). I can see very clearly Kyuhyun's face when he, Leeteuk n Kangin running to the plugs while Eunhyuk is the one who plugged it in. Sungmin and Donghae looks childish, making snow and lastly Donghae sat behind the camera and directed it?? hehee. Oh i like Kyuhyun's hair during this time! The hairstylist should stick to this!

Kyuhyun's chest popping & wink! ^_^

*** They are coming to Msia!!! XDD

December 10, 2009

Giving gifts

Yesterday i had a disagreement with one of my cousins about giving gifts to others especially to ur mates/loved ones.

He thinks that giving gifts to the loved ones are meant to be done pure-heartedly and only for those who you will spend ur lives with. He said he doesnt gives presents to his gf before they got married because he doesnt know whether he will end up with the girl or not. I disagreed with that.

Yes, when u gv a present to a people, it has to be with good intentions but it is also one of the ways to show ur appreciation of the relationship with that person. So what if u dont know whether ur gf/bf will be the one you will spend ur lives with?? Giving gifts must be done with sincerity, bukannye kene bersebab and end up with something that is beneficial to u. And it doesnt have to be pricey, it can be something that resembles ur care or to show that the person is important to u. Like myself, i like giving gifts to my partner and my friends. Whether it's a keychain, wallet, a creative-designed-notebook and even a hand-made card, all i know is i really did it purely, sincerely for that person.

I just had to X him on the face when he said what's the point of giving gifts if he doesnt know whether he will end up marrying with the girl or not. He said it will be like pembaziran. U spent ur money for ur loved ones but u didnt end up together. I was like... "hello~ awat mundur sgt?? perlu ke nak taw dlu kalau ko kawin dgn pompuan tu ke x??" * i think u guys can imagine the looks on my face that time. And who says that u have to menatang kekasih ko tu, buying all the things that ur bf/gf ask for, giving pricey things.. Then it's ur fault la for not knowing how to spend rightly.

Our disagreement ends up when he said,"Tuhan cipta mcm2 jenis manusia, jd saye bukan dlm golongan org mcmtu". Arghh, typical phrase to end a conversation.

So in conclusion, i still x puas hati and ends up writing it here.

sorry folks =P

December 7, 2009

Awak neyh x engat caye kew???

Just now i got a MMS from a number that i don't know. These days my MMS is not working very well so i couldnt open the picture so i send that person a msg:

"Sape ni?"

"Eyh?? Tak kenal kew? Awak neyh x engat caye kew? Kan awak bagey nombo ney kat caye mentak gamba tadey??"

"Err no, xde pun mintak gmbr kat sape2. Sape ni?"

"Eyh salah nombo kowt. Takpew2 showie..."

Then tbe2 my phone status was downloading the MMS. Suddenly boleh pulak n tadaa! picture of a girl~ *well from the 'language' that she used obviously she's a girl

Tp the gmbr was like gedik kay. Ok i admit im not a bit annoyed by the picture pun, its ur own style of taking photos so who cares right? but to give ur picture away to a total stranger??? From the messages that she wrote, i can tell that this is the typical thing that's been happening these days. an anonymous person will text you saying like "HYe nak kenal boleh??" and i guess this girl layan. Then the guy nak gmbr, mintak send kat nombor mane2 tah n without any doubts or such she just sent it! Good thing that she 'accidently' sent it to me. What if she sent it to someone that might be a bad person that can do something nasty and mean???? huuuuuuh she should be very careful!


Si Gemuk - Simba
Si Nakal - Nala
Si Hyper - Tommy (my cousin's cat at Kelantan)

Family Trip PD

My relatives from Kelantan came to visit us last Friday. They arrived around 6:30am and rested for a while bcuz later that afternoon, we head of to PD for a family trip!

We Stayed at Tiara Beach Resort for 1 night and at my cousin's house the night after. The resort has their own man-made lagoon and well facilitated. My brother and I tried the fish spa and it was so ticklish! I can only stay still after about 10 minutes! It was a torture for me ~_~

Then we headed to Teluk Kemang. While most of us were leisuring at the beach, my bro opt for a swim in the sea with his cousin. Then to satisfy ira's 'needs', we accompanied her to the park cuz she wants to ride on the horse.

Later that evening, we went to my cousin's house at PD, stayed there for 1 night before getting back home the next morning~ =). Of cuz lots of shopping and bimbo pictures, but not gonna be published here XP. teehee.

December 6, 2009

Home sweet home!

** Just got back from my family trip to PD. will write bout the details later~

** aaargh! sorry shaza couldnt participate the walkathon with you... =(((. i really really really wanted to go!

** This monday n friday, i'll be heading to UiTM to do some errands. Maybe i'll bring my cousins to show around the campus

** It seems that i have stalkers??? Hmm dont know bout u, but i love my life and i dont think i did anything wrong to achieve what i had now. Lalalalaalala~

** my dear misss u!! <3