February 20, 2010

Bb vacation

Ucu treated us to a great lunch at Cheng Ho, Wangsa Maju (Amy Search's restaurant). All of my dad's siblings joins in.

Some of the pictures at JW Marriot Hotel, Pavillion and at Bintang Walk.

February 17, 2010

17th Feb

Back home at last.
Lots of things happened.
But now i just want to rest.

February 16, 2010

16th Feb

Now im in the hotel room, everyone is getting ready to sleep, my mum is waiting for her turn to use the laptop. I don't bring mine since it's kinda heavy.. actually i forgot to bring my laptop along. Oh well if i bring my laptop pun, i couldnt go online bcuz they only provide 1 LAN wire for every room.

Oh btw, im staying at JW Marriot Hotel. This is my second time 'bercuti' in Bukit Bintang *the last time was last year at Concorde. I like this hotel~ it's directly connected with Starhill. It is like a 2 in 1 building, with hotel and shopping mall in one place. Oh and around 5pm, my bro and my sis came running from the swimming pool, into the room screaming,"Ac mizal kat bawah! tgh main tennis!" haha my mum pun ape lg terus lompat kat tingkap ^^

At night, we had a walk along the starhill road, had our dinner and watched movie at the Pavilion. Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief. **movie review** I like the plot. Its about the Greeks Gods and their history and stuffs. But i dont like the scripts and their actings. Seriously got 'no feel' in it and it is kinda.. crap. Ok end of movie reviews.

Ok folks, my mum wants to use her laptop. goodnite people and goodnite to u dear, yes u.

February 15, 2010

*yes im CRAZY over them so don't read if u don't like it

Congratulation Super Junior for winning Star Dance Battle last night! Plus getting the MVP price too ^^ . Their performance is a combination of melodious+charismatic+funny. Even other idols cannot take their eyes of them X) **As for me, I just cannot take my eyes of Kyuhyun. Although Eunhyuk is the dancing machine but seeing Kyu there dancing with the top dancers of SuJu, without any mistakes, really is awesome~

February 14, 2010

Upcoming getaway

Bercuti dgn kekasih lain sempena hari kekasih dan sambutan tahun baru cina

Top 10 polls for best KPop leader and magnae

A kpop polling called Arirang Most Lovable Magnaes/Leader Countdown and PollDaddy.com has conducted a poll a while back to find out who in Kpop groups are the best magnaes/maknaes and leaders, so here are the results in ranking.

**taken from kpoptheworld

Best Leader

Number 10: SS501 Kim Hyun Joong with 6% of votes.

Number 9: Ft Island Jong Hun 7.4%

Number 8: 2NE1 CL with 7.5%

Number 7: Wondergirls Min Sun Ye 8%

Number 6: Big Bang GDragon 10.4%

Number 5: Yunho DBSK 10.5%

Number 4: SNSD Kim Teayeon 11.2%

Number 3: Shinee Onew 11.4%

Number 2: 2PM Park Jaebeom 12.3%

*Drum rolls*

Number 1: Super Junior Leeteuk 22% and 4,653 votes.

Thats right Super Junior has managed to do it again, E.L.Fs out there have voted Leeteuk as the best leader of kpop boy group super junior. It isn’t easy to manage a group of 13 hyper boys plus himself. This dimpled, white loving, high pitch laughing leader is one of the kind! It is also hard to try to control a huge group of people plus himself while trying and still working his best at all times. It really isn’t easy!

A fan quoted: ‘Leeteuk has taken super junior through many ups and downs but he always puts 12 members before him, yet he has still manage to hold on, right now despite Super junior going through many issues we shall hope Leeteuk will carry on being the ‘angel without wings’ and forever guide his ‘kids’.

Leeteuk once quoted in his cyworld entry: ‘I am Super Junior Leader, I will protect super junior!”


Best Magnae

Number 10: 2NE1 Minzy

Number 9: SS501 Kim Kyujong

Number 8: Big Bang’s Seungri

Number 7: Wondergirls SoHee

Number 6: Ft island Seunghyun

Number 5: SNSD’s Seohyun!

Number 4: DBSK Changmin

Number 3: 2PM Chansung

Number 2:Shinee’s Taemin


Number 1: Super Junior Kyuhyun!

Thats right E.L.Fs out there has voted Super Junior’s witty magnae Kyuhyun as number one. This magnae is like no other magnae,at first glance he looks taller than other older members and looks more mature but this magnae is rather spoilt, he is the most pampered magnae out there with a repeutation for being evil and his infamous evil smirk/grin/laugh.

Kyuhyun is one if the main vocals in the massive 13 membered group, speaks informally towards his hyungs and attacks with the occasional witty remarks, but he gets away with everything. A fan wrote:’ Kyuhyun oppa is the best magnae he has an amazing voice and being evil suits him’!

*LOL knew it that he will win the poll without even reading it XD. He is just unique


**Pictures Spamming**

as charming as you are...

but u like to bully ur leader!

Naughty-kyu approaching XD

Teasing teukie again XD

evil-Kyu targetting Donghae

Trying to tickle the dancer's feet

although u are such a nuisance, still the hyungs love u very much! ^^

February 11, 2010

Yeah! my fav fights!

My top favourite fights is in the top 5! woot woot! but i think the fight between Ichigo and Ulquirra should have been the number 1. oh well the fight between the almighty shinigami sama was the best also ;)) hehe. by the way grimmjow is still the hottest man! hahaah *ok this is out of topic

February 7, 2010

'canadian pillow fight'

LOL BRUTAL pillow fight between Teukie and Eunhyuk of SuJu XDD watcha!

SNSD pillow fight - Seohyun vs Sooyoung *yay~ seohyun!!!
SHinee MInho vs KIm JOngmin vs canadian wrestler *LOL

Archyfest and magical garden

in 'Motion'

'Magical Garden' at MSC area, I-City. Loving it =)

One of my favourite, i called it 'Raining Stars'