February 16, 2010

16th Feb

Now im in the hotel room, everyone is getting ready to sleep, my mum is waiting for her turn to use the laptop. I don't bring mine since it's kinda heavy.. actually i forgot to bring my laptop along. Oh well if i bring my laptop pun, i couldnt go online bcuz they only provide 1 LAN wire for every room.

Oh btw, im staying at JW Marriot Hotel. This is my second time 'bercuti' in Bukit Bintang *the last time was last year at Concorde. I like this hotel~ it's directly connected with Starhill. It is like a 2 in 1 building, with hotel and shopping mall in one place. Oh and around 5pm, my bro and my sis came running from the swimming pool, into the room screaming,"Ac mizal kat bawah! tgh main tennis!" haha my mum pun ape lg terus lompat kat tingkap ^^

At night, we had a walk along the starhill road, had our dinner and watched movie at the Pavilion. Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief. **movie review** I like the plot. Its about the Greeks Gods and their history and stuffs. But i dont like the scripts and their actings. Seriously got 'no feel' in it and it is kinda.. crap. Ok end of movie reviews.

Ok folks, my mum wants to use her laptop. goodnite people and goodnite to u dear, yes u.


nanna said...

bb..happy holidayy...enjoyyyy!!miss u darling~~

Syima said...

tq syg. miss u too =)