May 30, 2009


I don't want to face it again...

May 29, 2009

Jaya supermarket collapses

My site for my final year project is just beside the building. (section 14,PJ)

it was due to be demolished yesterday but something went wrong. b4 it can be demolished, it collapses on its own, killing 2 Indonesian workers and about 10 people were injured. the 5 storey portion of the building collapsed right to the basement and fortunately the office block right next to the building is unaffected. it was said that maybe the overloading of the machinery on the upper level may cause the floors to crumble but it's still been investigate.

link--> asiaoneNEWS

May 26, 2009

0% hissed

They are best buddies now~ >.<. Nala loves to be caressed, but not the King Simba. He only wants people to hold him when he's in the cage XD. When it's time to get to sleep, they will hide under the sofa or the car so that i can't get em.

a video of em playing

May 24, 2009

YESSS!!!! Kimi's on podium

Back where he's belong ^^. he got 3rd place for the race at Monaco, France.

but... he could get 2nd!! why??? as usual his blunder mechanics makes mistakes while changing his tyres for the second pit stop! he pushed the car so hard to pass Button when he gets out of the pit, then his mechanics makes a mistake when it was Kimi's turns to pit. if it goes out smoothly, he could go out of the pit in front of Barrichello which will make him 2nd!

in the press conference Kimi said that he is dissappointed about what had happened. he was faster than Barrichello, but there was no way to pass him since they were on soft tyres plus the incident in the pit lane. but for the team, it's a good result since it was a 3rd & 4th finished for ferrari, the best result for this season so far for.

but anyway at least Kimi Raikkonen finished in the top 3. all of the commentators're also glad that he's back up there where he belongs.

Go go KIMI!

Tagged By Sai

(MALAY yeah~)

1) sekolah mana lg besh? menengah ke rendah?

Tadika x ingat.. Rendah saya sanagt gemuks... menengah la kot, altho ade part kne buli hehe.

2) apakah makanan kat kantin yg korang xleh lupa?
== mee bandung paling sedap~ kat cochrane (lama)

3) subjek yg korang suka dan benci. ngape?
== Lukisan kejuruteraan paling best~.benci xde, tapi yang kureng Fizik =P

4) denda yg paling trok korang penah kena dan knape?
== Mase form 1 kot, jalan itik dr kelas tingkat 3 ke tingkat bwh lepastu naik atas balik, satu kelas ek bukan i sorang!. masetu kelas Sains kot, Pn Norlia (betol ke x nama die)

5) pilih 1 hari yang paling bosan dalam sekolah
== Hari Isnin. Ada assembly.

6) cikgu feveret korang?
== Cikgu Lukisan Kejuruteraan ku, Pn Norjah =333

7) brg yg korang xpnh tgl ms g skolah, slain dr pen, buku, pnsil case, etc
== semestinye beg sekolah kan?? XDDD

8) perasaan korg ms nk tnjukkan report card kat parents?
== skolah rendah ok.. form 1-3 takot2.. form 4-5 wokeh je~ ;)

9) pernah jeles bila member dpt markah tinggi? apa korang buat?
== jeles before form 4-5, saya sumpah seranah ahahah. kerna selepas itu saya pun antara orang dpt markah tinggi jgk. haahahah XDDD

10) jawatan plg besar pnh korg pgg ms skolah?
== Pelajar Dinamik form 4-5

11) rndu tak nak blk skolah smula?
== yeah bile dah tension buat design ni.. XD

1) Shaza
2) Ninie
3) Nik Hafizal
4) Illi

May 23, 2009

My bro is home!!

Bald & Black

he's not that thin.. at least his tummy is gone! XDD

50% hissed

Simba & Nala are 'getting along' ^_^''''. Simba is more of a sport, tried to have fun with Nala and chased after her, which making Nala more pissed off... ~_~'''. Sometimes they chased each others, well more accurately Simba chased Nala like "Lets PLay~!! XD" and Nala chased after him saying,"Get Lost! >=( ". Oh well, at least Simba tried to make friends...

here is a video of them 'having fun' XP


Mama gave in.
Afiq gonna hv to take ERL from KLIA to KL sentral.
Then abah gonna pick him up there while mama cooks for lunch.
I was kinda dissappointed tho~ huhu


at the very last minute?? now i have to wait another week for the answer!! >.<
d*mn it~!! cant wait cant wait!

May 22, 2009

My bro is coming home!

It's settled. My bro will be coming home from Kem PLKN Sarawak tomorrow evening to continue his studies at MSU.

But there was a disagreement between my father n my mum. Abah wants him to take the ERL (is it the right pronounciatn??) to get to home so that he will be more independnt plus he's on 'stand-by' tomorrow evening but mama disagrees and wants to pick him up at the airport.

Well this time, im on mama side. i am anxious to see him! so i want to pick him up tomorrow. i want to see the differences after he participated in PLKN. i hope he's not getting bigger, cuz from what i've heard from my friends that had undergo the same experiences, they gained weight rather than losing. oh boy~ let those fats turns into muscles. at least it's the muscles that makes the numbers increases, not the fats!

Cant wait for tomorrow! >.<


they're still hissing at each other. abah even having thoughts about giving Nala back to her previous owner.. (nooOOooOOo~)

simba first indoor experience

both of em in their cage.

May 21, 2009


How to stop 2 kittens from hissing at each other???

From MSU to cats~

This morning, i accompanied mama n abah to MSU college at shah alam (formerly known as PTPL) as representatives for afiq who will b continuing his studies there.

as usual my dad having a bad mood bout the lousy services that they provided. i do agreed on that. it was so hard to meet someone in charge and everythg was in chaos. the accomodation inside the college, (according to mama) was horrible. the air was so stuffy wif the old smells of guys-who're-not-having-a-bath-for-a-week and of course the smells of cigarettes. abah even said,"Tikus pun xnak duduk situ". ok good thing i waited at the lounge ~_~''''. lastly, my parents agreed to let afiq stayed outside of the college. there're rented accomodation juz beside the college and it is way better than the previous one. i couldnt help comparing their services to Uitm's which are way way way better!

as we waited for registration, i noticed that abah's hairstyle is mohawk penyek!!! XDDDD. abah snickered,"style ape??" not!

mama wif muka ketat while climbing up the stairs to the 4th floor XDD

"kakak~ smile!".
"haa??? ohh *smirk"

Abah bought Simba from a guy at section 7 a week ago (RM300 wok~, through online. even pets can be bought online ~_~'''). we fetched him after we settled afiq's accomodation. but before that, when we're in the hostel's office, i noticed that the managers kept a lot of cats at the back of her office! so i asked her can we take one?? n she said sure~ XDD yaay! Nala welcome to the family! Simba is 3 months old, Tabby cat. Nala is 4 months old, but i dont know what type of cat species she is ^_^'''. for the last 3 hours, they keep on hissing at each other. maybe it will take some time to get close. XOXO

May 20, 2009

Bits & pieces on the last Archy meetg

allmost all of us, during external review.

nabilah wif trying-2-b-cute face XDD

tried to take a pictre wif sleazy's chair

everybody was in hiatus, finishing the report

i like this =)

happy to graduate?? or Uitm Dihatiku~??

May 19, 2009


1. Where is the match between Roger Federer n Rafael Nadal?? why dont they broadcast it or replay the match?? i want to see Roger!! X(((

2. Why do i keep on missing the certain part in the final of AF that i really want to see altho it's been replayed quite a number of times ~_~'''

3. Where is the match between Man U & Arsenal?? i misssed it!

May 18, 2009

Disaster morning

i slept around 3am in the morning bcuz the formattg disc thingy took a long time n i woke up around 7am. while i continuing my work, my dad came n stood behind me. i tot he wanted to use his laptop (i was using his laptop cuz mine at hafizal for 'medical treatment' =P), so i got up from the chair so dat he can sit in front of his laptop n do his work.

"kakak tgh buat ape ni?"

"format disc. abah nk wat keje dulu buat la".

i walked back n forth, from kitchen to the living room bcuz i was watchg the sport news about Roger Federer beating Rafael Nadal at ATP Spain final (yay! XD) while eating. after a while, i realized, why is the formattg window still popped out? so i head straight to the laptop (my dad still sittg there). it says 'formatting MASYIMARO'.

uh-Oh isnt my pendrive named MASYIMARO??

"abah tgh format ape ni?"

"kakak punye removable disk la"

"MASYIMARO ni name pendrive syima. abah format pendrive syima ke?"

"yela. nape?? bukan kakak kate nak format yg ni? *muke pelik"


"bukan yg ni! format disk! bukan removable disk!"

"abis kakak cucuk pendrive nape?!"

"data dlm pendrive! nk transfer dlm disk la sebab tu syima cucuk~!"

then i bursted into tears. i know he's juz trying to help but it's not at the right moment. at first he tried to defend himself by saying why i didnt save a folder in the internet n such but i juz kept on crying then he stay silent. he felt guilty, he even suggested so that we head to hafizal's house to fetch my laptop but i tot, if we do that, mama will be late for work. n i remembered hafizal said dat he got morning class today so there surely is no one at home.

Thank God shaza already woke up n hafizal's morning class is cancelled so i asked for their help to send me the assignments and other folder that i needed thru email. if not i xtaw la cne nk dpt balik my data that i BADLY needed for today submission.

May 17, 2009

come to me quikly dear~

come to me my black-rectangular baby~
i miss youuuuuuuuuuu ='(

May 16, 2009


Starting today, i've finished my studies. But on monday i've to go back to uitm to submit design report for RIBA. We had our last dinner together at KFC using the extra money from our class. but only half of the class attend cuz half of them went out watchg Angel & DEmons which i'll be watchg it soon ^^.

Now what i want to do for the holiday... some of my friends already thgking of finding a job n some already planned a vacation. i think i want to pick up where i left off. there're lots of things that i wanted to do ever since i joined the architecture school.

here are some of the things that i wanted to do:

1. Read back my thriller and teenagers novels that're already covered with dust.

2. Try to complete my Fear Street Sagas n other Fear Street compilation.

3. Doing artsy stuff. yesterday i saw boxes of art kits at a store & i want em.

4. Deepen more my cooking skills!

5. Re-decorate n re-arrange my room n my house. LOTS of unwanted things got to go.

6. Watch all of the movies that i wanted to see but i never had the chance to do it.

7. aaaarrrggghhhh,..... workout..... T_T

8. spending time and having fun with my dearest ones.


10. strengthen my friendship bond between my friends so that we always stay in touch =)

Happy Holidays

May 13, 2009

Long sleep

hello i juz woke up...

yesterday after submission at 9am i slept for 5 hours at the studio waiting for the review to finish. then after i dropped shaza at her house, i went straight home. i slept at 11pm, n i juz woke up minutes ago.

i slept in total of 18 hours. at least im kinda energetic now to finish my model.

May 8, 2009

The Saturdays

The new singing sensation that they say may replace the Pussycat Dolls. Not only that they can dance, all of them can sing perfectly. im in love with their single "Up". for their album, their team sort of like summer with vibrant colors. like it =). also there are other singles like "just cant get enough" and "issues" and others.

p/s: try to find the acoustic version of "Up". it's melodious for me.
p/s: this is the remix version.the original one is slower.

ed: i dont know how to resize the video.

May 2, 2009

Congrats Tomok! @ Shah Indrawan

with all my heart i confess i never like him, honestly speaking. but he's changed! n his final performance for aizat's song - hanya kau yang mampu is a total bomb!. anyway congrats! hope u can now be known as Shah Indrawan *i hope i spelled his name right =P

anyway ur new song Rindu Terhenti composed by Aubrey Suwito *did i spelled it correctly?? is good too. but i was hoping that it would be a rock song since it is your current style. well anyway it's still good! =)