May 18, 2009

Disaster morning

i slept around 3am in the morning bcuz the formattg disc thingy took a long time n i woke up around 7am. while i continuing my work, my dad came n stood behind me. i tot he wanted to use his laptop (i was using his laptop cuz mine at hafizal for 'medical treatment' =P), so i got up from the chair so dat he can sit in front of his laptop n do his work.

"kakak tgh buat ape ni?"

"format disc. abah nk wat keje dulu buat la".

i walked back n forth, from kitchen to the living room bcuz i was watchg the sport news about Roger Federer beating Rafael Nadal at ATP Spain final (yay! XD) while eating. after a while, i realized, why is the formattg window still popped out? so i head straight to the laptop (my dad still sittg there). it says 'formatting MASYIMARO'.

uh-Oh isnt my pendrive named MASYIMARO??

"abah tgh format ape ni?"

"kakak punye removable disk la"

"MASYIMARO ni name pendrive syima. abah format pendrive syima ke?"

"yela. nape?? bukan kakak kate nak format yg ni? *muke pelik"


"bukan yg ni! format disk! bukan removable disk!"

"abis kakak cucuk pendrive nape?!"

"data dlm pendrive! nk transfer dlm disk la sebab tu syima cucuk~!"

then i bursted into tears. i know he's juz trying to help but it's not at the right moment. at first he tried to defend himself by saying why i didnt save a folder in the internet n such but i juz kept on crying then he stay silent. he felt guilty, he even suggested so that we head to hafizal's house to fetch my laptop but i tot, if we do that, mama will be late for work. n i remembered hafizal said dat he got morning class today so there surely is no one at home.

Thank God shaza already woke up n hafizal's morning class is cancelled so i asked for their help to send me the assignments and other folder that i needed thru email. if not i xtaw la cne nk dpt balik my data that i BADLY needed for today submission.


Fatin Shaza said...

owh... sgt sorry. patutla pagi tadi suara u mcm baru nangis je...

Nick said...

lucky you~

Syima said...