May 24, 2009

YESSS!!!! Kimi's on podium

Back where he's belong ^^. he got 3rd place for the race at Monaco, France.

but... he could get 2nd!! why??? as usual his blunder mechanics makes mistakes while changing his tyres for the second pit stop! he pushed the car so hard to pass Button when he gets out of the pit, then his mechanics makes a mistake when it was Kimi's turns to pit. if it goes out smoothly, he could go out of the pit in front of Barrichello which will make him 2nd!

in the press conference Kimi said that he is dissappointed about what had happened. he was faster than Barrichello, but there was no way to pass him since they were on soft tyres plus the incident in the pit lane. but for the team, it's a good result since it was a 3rd & 4th finished for ferrari, the best result for this season so far for.

but anyway at least Kimi Raikkonen finished in the top 3. all of the commentators're also glad that he's back up there where he belongs.

Go go KIMI!


anonymous 3 said...

it's too early to decide for Ferrari is back on their actual performance. still more circuits they need to go through and we'll see whether they are back on the way they used to be or not.

somehow, this result is literally gain back my lose faith towards ferrari ... I missed the way Michael Schumacher managed his ferrari for pole position almost in every single races he took part.

Syima said...

but the thing is Kimi raikkonen is also a talented driver. he just ends up with a lousy team mechanics. when he was in Mclaren, the engine will be always on fire and now when he's in ferrari, it seems that history repeated itself.

back when schumacher's time, his teams were perfect and flawless and supervised by john tot (i dont think i spelled his name right). but now, it seems that ferrari has loose their sense of touch and race.

right now, Ferrari is reluctant to admit that their engine and team mechanics are having trouble. instead they blame their drivers for not being fast enough. the thing is, how can u be a flying racer if the car is a slowpoke? they really need to upgrade their stuffs and train their mechanics team to perform better especially during pit stop.

anonymous 3 said...

haha, yeah, u got it right..

since the Micheal's retirement and jean Todd has change his direction from Ferrari to something that I'm not particularly know actually, everything is just not right for Ferrari.

Especially in the early season when both drivers were struggling to put themselves in the top 5 or even in top 10 and failed to obtain any championship point after a few tracks.

(sometimes, jean Todd was strolling around the paddock area. meanings, he still active on F1, yet different contribution, i suspect)

obviously, both persons (Micheal and Todd) were influencing the Ferrari team and lead the team to dominate the championship title almost in every years in d past few years.

we do know that Micheal keeps in contact with Ferrari to impetus the team member from a person to another, but, i don't think it's enough.. without the team spirit itself, the team is nothing..

Syima said...

so in conclusion, team ferrari, for now, is a wreck! they have to do a lot of tests and practical trainings in order to become a top form team.