May 22, 2009

My bro is coming home!

It's settled. My bro will be coming home from Kem PLKN Sarawak tomorrow evening to continue his studies at MSU.

But there was a disagreement between my father n my mum. Abah wants him to take the ERL (is it the right pronounciatn??) to get to home so that he will be more independnt plus he's on 'stand-by' tomorrow evening but mama disagrees and wants to pick him up at the airport.

Well this time, im on mama side. i am anxious to see him! so i want to pick him up tomorrow. i want to see the differences after he participated in PLKN. i hope he's not getting bigger, cuz from what i've heard from my friends that had undergo the same experiences, they gained weight rather than losing. oh boy~ let those fats turns into muscles. at least it's the muscles that makes the numbers increases, not the fats!

Cant wait for tomorrow! >.<

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