May 16, 2009


Starting today, i've finished my studies. But on monday i've to go back to uitm to submit design report for RIBA. We had our last dinner together at KFC using the extra money from our class. but only half of the class attend cuz half of them went out watchg Angel & DEmons which i'll be watchg it soon ^^.

Now what i want to do for the holiday... some of my friends already thgking of finding a job n some already planned a vacation. i think i want to pick up where i left off. there're lots of things that i wanted to do ever since i joined the architecture school.

here are some of the things that i wanted to do:

1. Read back my thriller and teenagers novels that're already covered with dust.

2. Try to complete my Fear Street Sagas n other Fear Street compilation.

3. Doing artsy stuff. yesterday i saw boxes of art kits at a store & i want em.

4. Deepen more my cooking skills!

5. Re-decorate n re-arrange my room n my house. LOTS of unwanted things got to go.

6. Watch all of the movies that i wanted to see but i never had the chance to do it.

7. aaaarrrggghhhh,..... workout..... T_T

8. spending time and having fun with my dearest ones.


10. strengthen my friendship bond between my friends so that we always stay in touch =)

Happy Holidays


Fatin Shaza said...

Yes! Catching up with books! Dah lama tak baring atas katil and just read books.

And I want to reschedule I nye masa tidur... kenalah healthy skit huhu~~

Good luck and hopefully you get the degree offer!

(Jom hang out again next week ke apa)

Syima said...

agakla.. i can finished 1 book in under 2 hours kaay. ^^

tula tp bile piker2 balik nk rest plak. tp if dpt, i pg la =).

kaaaay kite pg 1 studio mate laa. diarang ni xnak hangout mane2 kee.. huhuhu

Fatin Shaza said...

tanya naz ahaha

i think after dah settle betul2 riba and research paper, baru ajak kot. skrg ni smua orang sibuk nak balik and unpack and qada' tidur...

Syima said...

naz kn nk ajak kite pg perhentian kan??/ agak jauhlaaa
aritu i dgr2 dia ajak pg PD on tuesday ni. lg satu cte plak die ajak pg kebun ayah die yg kite pg dlu tu.

Fatin Shaza said...

nak bercutiiii~~~ =(

tapi takde duit.