August 20, 2009

Cute Cute Cute Milk Tooth

got this site from seri. it's so cute!

my fav one is the toof bath n their grand adventures! should read from her first post!!

August 19, 2009

Main redah je

supposedly there were a lot of people who wants to visit the site, but at last only 4 of us left and we got lucky alright! we were just 'hanging out' outside of the site (we cannot go in since there is an on-going construction) when aden n red bravely enough to interview one of the workers who just walked out of the site and he suggested to take us to see his boss! we got the opportunity to meet the head engineer of the project plus got a free tour! although we came there without any appointment and looked like tourists *especially red who looks like he's going to hit the beach, but the boss gave us safety helmets and a full tour of the site~ lucky lucky! n the best part is, we also got the actual-completed site plan! yay!

after that, we visited the main lake of the botanical garden. it was beautiful! we felt so alive after the tiring tour. it has the varieties species of flowers n trees. it's naturally shaded with big trees
thus giving us the calming effect. the residents here sure are lucky... a wonderful place to jog n ehem dating.. =P

August 18, 2009

Dubai rising

i got these pictures from one of my lecturers through email. it's very terrifying for me on how fast n rapid their developments are plus their boldness to do something extra-ordinary. my heart felt weak while viewing these pictures. it's scary and damn sick...

each bungalow or semi-D has their very own swimming pool and facing the ocean.

the bigger picture of the 'palm' island

view from the tallest building in the world, Burj Dubai (2620ft/801m)

view from the upper most girders of the building, can see the corner n the rotation of the world...

Random 8

emmm its been a while since the last time i posted something here.
after ribut petir couple of days ago, i can no longer curi UiTM's wireless
so now i have to go to cc to online
tengoklah brape lame i have to do like this ~_~'''


Archyfest - PROLOGI

VENUE : FSPU - Facu;ty of Architecture
DATE : 14-15 August 2009

My 9-Th archyfest as a student of architecture~ *is that something to be brag about??? yeah it was a rocking one! the unity of our best junior from perak n the favourite junior badge by the lecturers at shah alam. after a long time finally they incorporate war games like the one at Archyday Perak. too bad i was not threre to be a part of it since i was stuck at home working on my SOA plus i dont have any transport nak naik fakulti T_T.

but i managed to watch the performance night. the concept is masquerade. so like the theme, most of the performers wore night gown or ball gown with masks on their faces plus some added characters from fairytales stories. to add some more sparkle, they invite our super senior Max to be the MC. it was hilarious!! a good choice as an MC! my favourite performances are by the organizers themselves n of course my badge 08 - Propaganda *of course im 09. sooo LOVING the tango dance by syafrein n shrek makeover by sopie~ XDDD. but some of the studios took so much time to perform thus making the night too long.

dove almost tarik me for the performance, but i insisted i dont want to. for 8-th sem i was at the backstage waiting for my turn to perform during archyday/archyfest. so for my 9-th sem, i want to be a spectator ^^. but u guys rocks! although u guys got 3rd place, i think the performance is still the best!

EDIT: i forgot to mention that both en fairuz and en wan azhar sang that night and it was superb!!! never know that diarang bukan rock kapak ni hard rock punye! en fairuz high-pitched scream amazed me! sangat x sangka suara en wan azhar sgt sedap ok!

taraaaa~ i wore contact lenses now!

Propaganda - before performance

their 'fairytale' character includes sultan melaka, hang tuah, shrek, donkey, aladdin & the jinny

a compilations of pictures that i took that nite

August 11, 2009

Random 7

my dad & i was on our way to pick up ira n boy from school. i switched the radio channel to n turn down the volume cuz my dad doesnt like the songs that came out from that station. after few of head banging songs, came pokerface by lady gaga. my dad turn up the volume. *okey.. whats that about???, awkward silence.

"kakak, limewire boleh download sume lagu ke?"

"emm music video pun boleh.."

"tp limewire besar sgt, n sng masuk virus..."

"emm ntahla sbb syima reti pkai yg tu je, ade jgk yg lain, abah mintak afiq tlg instalkan la kat laptop abah."

"kakak ade limewire dlm laptop la?? patot berat je laptop kakak"

"xdela berat..."

..... silence..... pokerface is at the chorus

"haa ape die sebut tu? tajuk die ape?"


....................... pokerface dah abis

"download kan abah lagu ni pkai limewire kakak"

"ah? oh..ok. xyah kot sbb dlmlaptop syima da ade"

*** okay never thought my dad would like that song! even i didnt like it!! hahaahahaahaahaha XDDDD! as soon as we arrived home, he immediately gv me his pendrive. hahaahh! that is so random!

Knocked u down

utterly crazyg-lovg this song at this moment

August 9, 2009


hope we can hangout again ^^

Random 6

honestly, i dont know what to write in my blog anymore..
maybe im not in the mood X((((

Kak Fiza's wedding

DATE : 7/8/09
VENUE : Concorde Hotel

My cousin's wedding, kak fiza n abg joe.

with some of my aunties at the gateway of white roses

with the king n queen of the night

pelamin cantiiikkk!!!! XDDD

August 3, 2009