August 18, 2009


Archyfest - PROLOGI

VENUE : FSPU - Facu;ty of Architecture
DATE : 14-15 August 2009

My 9-Th archyfest as a student of architecture~ *is that something to be brag about??? yeah it was a rocking one! the unity of our best junior from perak n the favourite junior badge by the lecturers at shah alam. after a long time finally they incorporate war games like the one at Archyday Perak. too bad i was not threre to be a part of it since i was stuck at home working on my SOA plus i dont have any transport nak naik fakulti T_T.

but i managed to watch the performance night. the concept is masquerade. so like the theme, most of the performers wore night gown or ball gown with masks on their faces plus some added characters from fairytales stories. to add some more sparkle, they invite our super senior Max to be the MC. it was hilarious!! a good choice as an MC! my favourite performances are by the organizers themselves n of course my badge 08 - Propaganda *of course im 09. sooo LOVING the tango dance by syafrein n shrek makeover by sopie~ XDDD. but some of the studios took so much time to perform thus making the night too long.

dove almost tarik me for the performance, but i insisted i dont want to. for 8-th sem i was at the backstage waiting for my turn to perform during archyday/archyfest. so for my 9-th sem, i want to be a spectator ^^. but u guys rocks! although u guys got 3rd place, i think the performance is still the best!

EDIT: i forgot to mention that both en fairuz and en wan azhar sang that night and it was superb!!! never know that diarang bukan rock kapak ni hard rock punye! en fairuz high-pitched scream amazed me! sangat x sangka suara en wan azhar sgt sedap ok!

taraaaa~ i wore contact lenses now!

Propaganda - before performance

their 'fairytale' character includes sultan melaka, hang tuah, shrek, donkey, aladdin & the jinny

a compilations of pictures that i took that nite


Fatin Shaza said...

nak pegii. tapi mmg takde transport ;_;

kete I masuk workshop.... ;_;

oooh contact lens! bila?

Syima said...

br pkai mase dat nite la

Syima said...

tula shaza rugi!! if x u mesti suke gile! i tgh try kumpul video nnti i tunjukkat u kay?

idham said...

we came to this of the crew asked us "korang dari U mane?"
we replied "USM-UNITY"...
kot2 la nak jemput ape yg di replied just pekataan "OWH"..
xpela..bukan nak kutuk ke pe,but this event was quite interesting..:)

Syima said...

ow~ sorry for that, if the crew then it must be the 07 student, diarang x join RUMI aritu nrsnye x pnah join ape2 workshop yg campur dgn school lain. so they xtaw crite persahabatan dan rintangan yg dh berlaku ;)). chill~ anyway thanks for coming!