August 19, 2009

Main redah je

supposedly there were a lot of people who wants to visit the site, but at last only 4 of us left and we got lucky alright! we were just 'hanging out' outside of the site (we cannot go in since there is an on-going construction) when aden n red bravely enough to interview one of the workers who just walked out of the site and he suggested to take us to see his boss! we got the opportunity to meet the head engineer of the project plus got a free tour! although we came there without any appointment and looked like tourists *especially red who looks like he's going to hit the beach, but the boss gave us safety helmets and a full tour of the site~ lucky lucky! n the best part is, we also got the actual-completed site plan! yay!

after that, we visited the main lake of the botanical garden. it was beautiful! we felt so alive after the tiring tour. it has the varieties species of flowers n trees. it's naturally shaded with big trees
thus giving us the calming effect. the residents here sure are lucky... a wonderful place to jog n ehem dating.. =P


Seri said...

hehe..pegi site pakai pump shoes?

Syima said...

heheeh sebab x rancang masuk pun. skali dpt green light! rdah jela!