April 27, 2010

Selongkar - selongkar

old picture from friendster

April 18, 2010

Super Junior Photobook 3 - Hong Kong scans

I want!! T^T I want!! T^T I want!! T^T I want!! T^T I want!! T^T


Super Junior Baidu Bar
shared by Valeska @ TwELFs.com
FISHERE (onlyhae.com) | scan by ZOEY
shared by myystiqueen @ TwELFs.com
shared by myystiqueen @ TwELFs.com
shared by myystiqueen @ TwELFs.com

April 13, 2010

Random 12

My bowl-hunger is cute right? hehehe everytime i eat cereal for my breakfast this little fella will accompany me~ ^^

WooOOt~ I have bought my combat boots! Aja Aja~! XD. Its not ganas like i want it to be because it's kinda hard to find, but still i like it hehe

Last Saturday i went for a sleepover at Ziela's rental-house at Subang! It was fun! we spend so much time together plus her house also got swimming pool! Ziela said "Come and visit me every month" and i said "Wokeh~!"


An episode of my little sister and I
*people may felt weird why is the caricatures in the same 'size'. well that's because my little sister who is 14 years old is the same size as me who is 23 years old this year =_=.
yes i am short & small, and she is still growing
Damn it.

April 5, 2010

Hunting place - Sg Wang - FAILED

I couldnt find my laced-up-combat-boots there ~_~
i did find it at some stores.. but it is like a wellington boots.. kinda fugly
and when i found a good one, this time its the design, panjang sgt sarungnye! sampai ke paha! its not like im gonna wear short skirts ke ape ke
oklah next stop - TimeSquare

poor mama tagging along ur daughter.. huhu sorry ma! >.<
tapi syima da belanja mama Licka-Licka kan? ehhehe