April 18, 2010

Super Junior Photobook 3 - Hong Kong scans

I want!! T^T I want!! T^T I want!! T^T I want!! T^T I want!! T^T


Super Junior Baidu Bar
shared by Valeska @ TwELFs.com
FISHERE (onlyhae.com) | scan by ZOEY
shared by myystiqueen @ TwELFs.com
shared by myystiqueen @ TwELFs.com
shared by myystiqueen @ TwELFs.com


' I z z a t i said...

I cant wait for my copy of BIC!!

Btw, thank for the info. I thought there are some minimum amount, thats y im asking you. Huhu. So there is no minimum amount to participate, isnt it?? I'd love to support them for 4jib.

Thank you, Syima for the info. I love ur blog!

Syima said...

Huuu so u have pre-ordered it?? am so jealous T^T)
i guess i have to find it at the store..

BTW thanks =). i like yours too ^^

Fatin Shaza said...


Syima said...

what shaza?????? =))