April 28, 2011


Totally fell in love with this song, beautiful lyrics. At first i find the title a little strange, but when someone subbed the song, i found out that it is actually a metaphor and has a very deep meaning. Just like their old song "Because of you". Totally love it ♥

"If u for no reason makes me sad, I'll make your eyes sting. But if for no reason u make me feel happy, I'll embrace your whole body~"

"When your wind blows, I'll be the one blown away
Washed away in your tears, your heart is perforating
I'll become your aroma, goodbye obvious smell
goodbye obvious love, keep only my fragrance~"

April 22, 2011

School of thoughts

"I can’t do the think-work in the studio. The studio’s for putting stuff together – for work-work. And if we’re not doing work-work, then we leave. How many great architecture ideas have been drawn on napkins? Because they’re free, they’re not thinking about work."
- Graphic Designer James Victore

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April 11, 2011

Fake Eggs

Fake Eggs - by Japan's food documentary

I'm not being rude or racist here but i just wanna state that people in China really is a master in making fake things especially branded items. But this thing doesn't really 'affect' me since I don't really care about brands. I am a cheapo. I don't mind as long as it is nice, comfortable to use/wear and affordable. Besides, cheapo things tends to be much more prettier than the original branded ones =P. But making and selling fake food is beyond.. bearable. It is hazardous to health! The fake food can cause cancers and brain damage! The eggs purely made of CHEMICALS, not even a tiny drop of natural resources. Haven't these people thought that.. what if my family accidentally eat this?? I.. just.. can't... OMG ;_; and the hell they make fake grapes too! wfnwerhfuiernhfuiewrmfwer

April 8, 2011

my uni-life-hair~!

OK i was browsing through my old pictures when i noticed that i only changed my hairstyles towards the end of the semester where else in the beginning, all of my hairstyles were exactly the same! WAILT???

seriously hahah i looked the same from sem 1 - 4! LOL
But in semester 5 i cropped a little shorter than the usual length

 My sem 7 was in UiTM Shah Alam, i last straighten my hair when i was in sem 4, so as u can see the left picture, that is my original hair. I LOVE IT but i don't like the fact that i have lots of frizzy hair so in the end i straighten it back but this time i opted for straight bangs covering my forehead

 After i straighten my hair in the previous semester i let it grow and
only trimmed my bangs and layered the front part of my hair

My sem 9, hairstyle changed drastically from long to short! At that time i want to have a new image since i started to wear contact lens. Then i straighten my hair again to have a 'Cleopatra' effect LMAO

Yah~ this is my current hairstyle now hahaha. Im trying to not straighten my hair.
For now i do lots of hair treatment to treat my frizzy-rebellious hair huhu

So.. what is the next hairstyle???
i want to try PIXIE CUT
I did my research, for a bit-rounded face like mine, pixie cut with longer top-hair & fringe is much more suitable than shorter top-hair & fringe
is it possible?
hahah 8D

April 6, 2011

For wanting more

I am starting to get bored with work
How? i rarely gets bored with things, since when I am like this i don't even know
I need a long vacation, i need a getaway. But i can't just abandon everything i have right here to please my pleasures. That's why there is commitment, a string of attachment that can disciplined u.

But I am still not disciplined enough. I have lots of things that I want. Yeah, humans will never satisfy with what they have....

"U have to learn to be grateful, God gives us these then we must accept as what we are"

FULLSTOPS. Stop the preaching I already know about that. It's not a sin to want something more and sometimes daydreaming about it. If it is something possible that can be done then go for it! Don't just stay comfortable with what u have and redha. If it is cure-able, then find the methods to cure it. If it can be mend, then mend it. If u want to make more money, do more works or try other job. If u want slimmer thighs then go for a jog at least 3 times a week. Its not a matter of being grateful or not. It is a matter of u willing to do more for something that u can be earned. Then after all else fails, then u can redha.

April 1, 2011