April 8, 2011

my uni-life-hair~!

OK i was browsing through my old pictures when i noticed that i only changed my hairstyles towards the end of the semester where else in the beginning, all of my hairstyles were exactly the same! WAILT???

seriously hahah i looked the same from sem 1 - 4! LOL
But in semester 5 i cropped a little shorter than the usual length

 My sem 7 was in UiTM Shah Alam, i last straighten my hair when i was in sem 4, so as u can see the left picture, that is my original hair. I LOVE IT but i don't like the fact that i have lots of frizzy hair so in the end i straighten it back but this time i opted for straight bangs covering my forehead

 After i straighten my hair in the previous semester i let it grow and
only trimmed my bangs and layered the front part of my hair

My sem 9, hairstyle changed drastically from long to short! At that time i want to have a new image since i started to wear contact lens. Then i straighten my hair again to have a 'Cleopatra' effect LMAO

Yah~ this is my current hairstyle now hahaha. Im trying to not straighten my hair.
For now i do lots of hair treatment to treat my frizzy-rebellious hair huhu

So.. what is the next hairstyle???
i want to try PIXIE CUT
I did my research, for a bit-rounded face like mine, pixie cut with longer top-hair & fringe is much more suitable than shorter top-hair & fringe
is it possible?
hahah 8D

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Aira said...

and i wonder how you will look like O.O