April 11, 2011

Fake Eggs

Fake Eggs - by Japan's food documentary

I'm not being rude or racist here but i just wanna state that people in China really is a master in making fake things especially branded items. But this thing doesn't really 'affect' me since I don't really care about brands. I am a cheapo. I don't mind as long as it is nice, comfortable to use/wear and affordable. Besides, cheapo things tends to be much more prettier than the original branded ones =P. But making and selling fake food is beyond.. bearable. It is hazardous to health! The fake food can cause cancers and brain damage! The eggs purely made of CHEMICALS, not even a tiny drop of natural resources. Haven't these people thought that.. what if my family accidentally eat this?? I.. just.. can't... OMG ;_; and the hell they make fake grapes too! wfnwerhfuiernhfuiewrmfwer

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Penulis Bogel said...

cepat btul tersebar pasal telur tiruan ni....jgn tersalah beli~