April 6, 2011

For wanting more

I am starting to get bored with work
How? i rarely gets bored with things, since when I am like this i don't even know
I need a long vacation, i need a getaway. But i can't just abandon everything i have right here to please my pleasures. That's why there is commitment, a string of attachment that can disciplined u.

But I am still not disciplined enough. I have lots of things that I want. Yeah, humans will never satisfy with what they have....

"U have to learn to be grateful, God gives us these then we must accept as what we are"

FULLSTOPS. Stop the preaching I already know about that. It's not a sin to want something more and sometimes daydreaming about it. If it is something possible that can be done then go for it! Don't just stay comfortable with what u have and redha. If it is cure-able, then find the methods to cure it. If it can be mend, then mend it. If u want to make more money, do more works or try other job. If u want slimmer thighs then go for a jog at least 3 times a week. Its not a matter of being grateful or not. It is a matter of u willing to do more for something that u can be earned. Then after all else fails, then u can redha.


Anonymous said...

sygku,i understand how you feel about doing the same thing....

i'm also thinking about something fun, rather than some scheduled activities that bore me day by day.

be fun!


Syima said...

syg kamu juga =)