December 31, 2008

More bad to good events

i was hungry, my brothers also, and we're left alone at home, raw and dried materials all finished already~ bukak2 almari, found da fettuccine and carbonara sauce, got a small amount of beef in da frezer, maybe it's enough i tought and... it turn out to be very2 gud~ nyum nyum

then, i re-checked my report more than twice b4 printing it. thats when the trouble started.

black ink was out. ok i refilled it. but still the black part on the front page was still un-printable, while other pages wif black ink were ok.

after hours of restarting and editting, i gv up and decided to print at the cyber cafe in front of my house cuz it stated 'PRINTING SERVICE AVAILABLE'. so i print the remaining pictures of my work (boleh plak ink itam kuar), dress up (so after dat i'll head straight to office) and drove off.

there're 15 minutes left for the appointment wif my boss. i handed my pendrive to da guy, wait da pc to respond (lame gile bout 5-10 minutes). great~ da cafe doesnt have micr. office 2007, nasib baik i save another file in 2003 format. suddenly, when the printer in preview mode, all of it turned black n white. then i said,"nape u setting die black n white? i want it to be coloured". the guy replied,"sorry no colour here". n i was like... wat? printing service available but juz black n white????

wif a red face n a clenched fist i stormed out and searched the next neighbourhood for cyber cafes. selama i dok sni i jarang jumpe kedai printing. at that moment i missed the shophouses around uitm perak n shah alam where printing services bersepah. finally after 15 minutes berpusing i found one, stated 'PRINTING AVAILABLE'. i opened my file, edit here n there n when i was ready, the sweet girl said,"akak nak print colour ke? kat sni xde print colour". then i tarik my pendrive n exploded in my car. WTF! kedai printing tp xde print kaler? bodo keee??? lain kali letak la ' PRINTING AVAILABLE ONLY BLACK N WHITE' bangang btol.

i called my dad. i cakap dgn sangat perlahan n lemah lembut then my dad raised his voice. ok dats it more fire. i said i'll find another store.

odw to pandan indah i called my dear n 'melepaskan' everythg, feel a lil relieved after dat.. tq dear...

pusing punye pusing jumpe~ i saw from afar. suddenly its started to rain, great~ good thing i brought my umbrella. i opened my door, kuarkan payung n tried to open it. OWH! it's stuck! great, i took bout 1-2 minutes to open it n the right side of my body was soaking wet bcuz of dat. i half ran to the cafe. as i was reaching for the handle, i saw 'NO PRINTING'. i think i stand there for 5 minutes staring at the statement. da guy next to the shop pun tgk semacam je. maybe he was thgkg,"gile ke budak ni, berdiri kat stu je tgk pintu. dah la basah kuyup".

i walked back to my car, tutup payung, campak my bag, file n payung and sat quitely in the car. i looked at my watch, it was 5.30pm. i was supposed to meet my boss at 4.30pm. i called her, she's already checked out. after about 10 minutes of silence, cursing and 'banging' the steering wheel, dengan keadaan x sedar i drove to the nearest petrol station, bought my self a big drumstick icecream, 2 bars of cadbury dairy milk n 1 bar cadbury time out and ate them all till i reached home.

owh~ abah da balik. after he 'fixed' it, reinstall here n there, finally the bloody printer worked, around 7.30pm. i printed my report right away and dashed to the nearest binding store. it was around 8.15pm at that time.

waaAAhhh~ what a GREAT day i was having today!

December 25, 2008

video 2 of shane mercado

apparently n suddenly the video can't be viewed cuz it was claim copyright by warner music. hmm crap.

this is another video of it. hope it wil not be deleted like the previous one....

emm enjoy, happy hols.

Single Ladies (put a ring on it) parody.

if u guys visits the yahoo homepage, u'll noticed under the featured video, 'the strange web-dance crazed'. yup! apparently beyonce's newest single, "single Ladies" caught everybody's attention including Justin Timberlake n he does a parody of that music video! u can watch it from yahoo where they gv u da link! u wont regret!!! n here are some of the videos that i like! i even downloaded it!

1. Shane Mercado
he is 'lembut' n some of you guys may find these video disgusting but i gv him a huge applause cuz he can dance very2 well n totally in sync wif beyonce's moves!. the first video is where he's in The Bonnie HUnt SHow (from youtube), while the second video is the one that make him famous (plus he wore only bikini 0_O)

the first video

the second video

2. Lelia Broussard
she makes an acoustic version of the song. love it! she even makes it sounds like a country song. she got the looks n voice. maybe she's the future coming star?? ;)

*i dont own the video.

December 24, 2008

the most sexiest tag

duuuuh what do ya expect from me? sexy??? in ur dreams =P haha. well this is a tag, tagged by dayang n shaza~ *sowi shaza i x wat yg lagi satu cuz da pnah wat. malas =P

1. Include 3 pictures that u think that they're showing the sexyness of you.
2. Sexy doesnt mean over-skin-barring & mini clothes, maybe bcuz of your smiles, your eyes???
3. Give reasons on why do u think those pictures are sexy
4. Tag 5 sexy people
5. Happy Sexy~ XD

cuz of my bangs n my eyes?? haahahah

seksi-yang ayu. ahaks!

hmm.. my lips? n my eyes?? hahahaa or bcuz im da only one who's not wearing shades? dunno~

the sexy people are~
1. sofahani
2. seri
3. anne
4. hafizal (ya i acknowledge u as sexy dear!)
5. alia

December 22, 2008

Port Dickson

me, mama n my lil sis ira went to port dickson last saturday to pickup my grandma, take her back home. she went there last week to stay with my cousin. at first i have a date (u know who la~ ;P my dear) but then last minute cancelled so i followed my mum. we stayed there for 1 night at my cousin's then hit back home the next night. below, pictures of the sea n gediks of me n ira =P

in the car, odw to PD
same eyes, same nose, same smiles, we're sisters!


pergh! ganas tol adikku pose!

ira n mama

silhouette of ira

the water's quite clear

err awkward pose 0_o


mama comel! ^.^

oohh tembamnyeee

da next day, hit da beach again

nope, i didnt take a dive, juz relaxing.

mak (dengan dialek kelantan) n mak ngah

almost sunset view

almost sunset view 2

ira looking silly wif our cousin
*looking forward to this wednesday~!! ^.^

December 14, 2008


kenduri-kendara for relatives for both sides. my house was very2 pack. too bad no pictures since everybody was busy. mama have to cook 3 times to cater the empty stomachs. the menu~

nasi tomato
nasi impit
pulut kuning
nasi putih
ayam kuzi
daging goreng
daging kari
ikan goreng
sotong masak lemak
chicken fingers
fruit juices

simple menu but everybody loves it! then my uncle yus made a joke. 'kakak bertunang ke? muke abang am(my dad) da mcm sedia nak terima cucu' i was like... mane ade! mama saje wat kenduri laa! then they burst out laughing. huhuu yala mama suddenly wants to make majlis makan2 n i was wearing a white baju kurung so they like... majlis bertunang ke? adooi..

cathing a mouse video

a video of my dad cathing a rat in our house. very unclear. using my hp to shoot it.

details on my 'mini update post'

ok here are the details bout my previous-mini-update post.

a) my laptop is crazy aka broken
yaaa the monitor of my laptop was broken. now it's fixed and it cost my dad rm500.. huhu he grumbled at me the whole day. i dont know. i dont remember smashing the laptop n stuff. mayb bcuz of my brothers, usng my laptop to play warcraft. huhuhu. just now my lil sister used my laptop n forgot to turn off the laptop n the charger. my dad scolded me for that, saying 'nanti ape2 kang abah laptop syima rosak la ape la abah yang pening!'. i looked at my lil sis with a glare-to-kill than she dashed upstairs to turn it off.

b) mini accident occured while on da way to kelantan
it was my mum's turn to take the wheels. the traffic was so slowed, bumber to bumper since everybody wants to get out of the town and balik kampung for the festive season. i fell asleep then suddenly bam!. when i opened my eyes, a guy's head popping in from my window asking my mother 'makcik ok? ade ape2?'. apparently my mum accidently doze-off and hit the wira in front. she said it was just like 3 seconds she doze off cuz she remembered talking to ira (my lil sis) b4 that. our carwas ok, only the plate number pecah n a few scrathes at the bumper. the wire on the other hand, its bumper on the left side kemek and pecah sebesar penumbuk. to avoid more traffic jams since everybody started to slowing down looking at us, my mum gave the lad her business card and hit back the road. since then the guy never call my mum. maybe die halalkan kot =P

c) 4 legged-freak-hiatus, making da house go crazy to catch it (after we arrived home)
the moment we step into our house, it was a mess. chairs and cushions everywhere! mama (my mum of course) started to frown and headed to the back room (my dad n bros was in that room) then suddenly we saw it. a big rat scrambling from my dad's grasp! my mum frantically climbed up the chair while my lil sis and i ran to the living room. my grandma n aunty lift up their legs since they're already sitting on the couch. we paused a lil then we all laughed looking at mama. it was such a funny thing looking at mama waving her arms frantically while climbing up the chair. then we helped dad till the captured of the 4-legged freak thing. even my cat mimie scared of the rat cuz it was so big! later that night, mimie cought a mini-rat and brought it inside the house which makes my dad bising cuz we have to catch another rat again.

very2 unclear photoes. ive warned yaa!

d) my 'mak' (grandma) from kelantan tagged along with us n gona stay till chinese new year
my grandma (mum's) came along with us and like i said she's going to stay with us till chinese new year. =)
e) miss u dear!!!!
yup miss my boo ='(

December 13, 2008

tag 3

sorry... *innocent face* another tag. got tagged by seri n shaza.

1) Do you think you are hot?
depends on the situation.. like my hair freezy or not, gained weighed.. totally depends on em =P

2) Upload your favourite picture of you!

3) Why do you like that picture?
most favourite self-taken pictures that turn out very very well XD

4) When was the last time you ate pizza?
last thursday

5) The last song you listened to?
just dance by lady gaga

6) What are you doing right now beside this?
spring-cleaning my house. got kenduri for relatives tomorrow. now is break time =P

7) What name would you prefer besides yours?
never thought of that... so im pretty much happy with my name =)

8) People to tag:
1. hafizal
2. illi
3. sofahani
4. ninie
5. anne

Who is number one?
my dearest~

Number 3 is having a relationship with?
currently she's single but i dont know if she is available. hurry2! XDDD

Say something about number 5
pinky babe with so much passion in diet and britney spears~

How about number 4?
alien from jupiter!!! haahahahaa kidding. she is very artistic, currently making a business selling furball n bags. hey ninie i x amik lg my polkadots!

Who is number 2?
nafis's girlfwen~ =)

December 12, 2008

tag 2

Put your MP3 player on shuffle, and write down the first line of the first twenty songs. Post the poem that results. The first line of the twenty-first is the title

tagged by shaza

Poem Title : Seems like ever since

Never made it as a wise man
Close your eyes, make a wish
Want to, but i can't help it
Load up your guns

Mine, immaculate dream made breath and skin
You speak to me
I've been looking for a driver who's qualified
Your lipstick, his collar.. don't bother angel

Joints jumping, sounds pumping
Now that i've lost everything to you
Sundown, friday twilight in the big town
Waking up to find another day

Oceans apart, day after day
I'm feeling all messed up
Count backwards 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Baby if you give it to me

Girl u wanna come to my hotel
He's a stranger to some
I remember
Please just don't play with me

*i skipped the japanese and malays songs so that it wont sound stupid =P
* why i have a feeling like my poem is bout breaking up/or emo type??? o_o. ok... hahahahaha funny.

now im tagging seri, pitto and sofahani~

tag 1

ok i will update bout my previous post after this. i'll do this tag first b4 shaza give me more tags~ XP

tagged by shaza


Name? Syima

Height? 159cm

Age? 21

Tomboy or Girly Girl? Both, depends on the situation

Describe your beauty routine? wash with water, papaya soap, talcum powder. in the evening same as in the morning plus a toner on my face and neck. i wear moisturizer when i have to stay under the sun for a long time.

Describe your hair? layered, wavy, above-waist-length.

Describe your personal style?Printed tees, tees, jeans, flip flops/ballet shoes, long necklace, messy hair/ponytail hair.

Do you...
Like metrosexual boys?yup

Like accessories?yes expecially long necklaces.

Like high heels?depends on the heels. im a no-no for slim thin heels, makes me wobbly when im wearing em =P

Like matchy matchy, or mix and match?mix and match

Spend a lot of money on beauty products in general?i only bought an eyeliner for my beauty products and also lip balm.

Shop online for clothes?HELL YEAH

Steal style ideas from friends?sometimes =P

Article of clothing in your closet?printed tees, knee-length-orange-vintage skirt, turtle neck shirts

Makeup line?maybeline for my eyeliner, mentholethum for my lip balm

Skincare line?papaya soap, ponds toner, apricot scrub, garnier moist
Perfume?gucci for women

Colors to wear?actually, i like all of the colours. so im not picky bout the colours. but the most i will wear black, red and brown.

what stuff
What is a trend you dislike the most?those plastic specky wif plastic-louvres replacing the glasses. absurd. never saw peeople wearing em anyway. y do they still sell those things?? =S and aladdin pants.

What is your fashion philosophy?first choose the item, then think will u wear it? if not put it back. if yes steal it. black is basic and safe.

What kind of shoes do you like?I like flip flops, ballet shoes, ankle boots, boots

What is your biggest fashion problem?my flabber arms. so i have to think of something to cover em

What old trends do you think should come back?i think the one that i like have make a comeback now :)

What one piece are you dying to add to your wardrobe?checquered skinnies, vest+shirt layered together, vintage sling bag, below knee boots, wrap dress. pleeaaasseee~!!!!!!

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?15 minutes all together with breakfast.

Would you ever go out in public without makeup?No problem with that

If you had a fashion budget of 1 million dollars, where would you shop, and why?i dont mind with the labels, so anywear that sell up-to-date clothes that i loike is a big OK~ =D

Is there anything you absolutely CAN'T wear?skinny jeans, mini skirts and shorts, high waisted skirts/shorts, trendy glasses. y? cuz im a specky person =P

If you had to pick one designer to wear for the rest of your life, who would it be, and why?err im not sure.. like i said i dont mind bout the labels as long as it is up-to-date ;)

pitto, seri, sofahani and illi.

December 9, 2008

selamat hari raya aidil adha

hye~ juz got back from kelantan.. juz wana do some mini update, i'll tell the details later.

a) my laptop is crazy aka broken

b) mini accident occured while on da way to kelantan

c) 4 legged-freak-hiatus, making da house go crazy to catch it (after we arrived home)

d) my 'mak' (grandma) from kelantan tagged along with us n gona stay till chinese new year

e) miss u dear!!!!

December 4, 2008

good or bad deed?

something good or bad happened to me this afternoon. after i have parked my car, i stayed for a while b4 entering the office. i have to parked in the alley cuz the usual place was full. i realized a bronce perdana to my right keep going forward n stop, forward n stop. then the driver get out from the car n knocked on my window. an old lady. looks like datin (well the car is perdana).

she asked my help to reverse her car, she doesnt know how n she needs to get home quickly. da 'original' driver is in the clinic (he's paralyzed so he went there to do some 'exercise' till evening)and has asked his wife (the old lady) to take the car home. ok. sure i could help. but it is a perdana! what if something happened! i dont think my family have enough money to pay for it! 0_o. but the old lady look so helpless that i cant said the word NO. so i helped her.

the interior was so steamy! maybe the old lady has stucked there for hours. poor thing. i realised there was a wheelchair in the car. maybe her husband's. then i wipe the steam of her windows and set 'to work'. i reversed very slowly n carefully n surely, afraid of something happened but then... bang!

my worst nightmare came true. oh dear... apparently there is a cage as high as the car bonet right behind da car n i hit it.(bile tah menatang tu dok stu!). the right side of the back light is a lil pecah sebesar 10sen (dont know what to pronounce~ =P) and a scratch below the light... im soooOOoooooo scared n frantic! i apologised like hell to the old lady but the old lady said its ok since i helped her. if no she would be stuck there till office hours end. but still.. its a perdana!!!!!!!!! X(((( ok i vow i will not touch a perdana again.


got tagged by deary sofahani (bile nak jumpe???) anyway here it goes..

a) 7 facts bout me

1. sensitive. as in easy to lose temper, easy to get annoyed, easy to be sentimental... in other terms, sensitive.
2. i live in 'fairyland' in other words love to day dreaming.
3. love to do things under the term 'ART'. drawing, sketching, colouring...
4. not me but most of my friends said that im a good friend but a bad enemy.
5. i am independent n secretive.
6. love to shopz. but since im not a biliionaire, i love to window shopz too.
7. lurve to travel~ one of my wish list, travel around the world!

b) 7 things that scared me the most

1. when i lost the loved ones..
2. losing a friend
3. failing a subject that will bother me in the next semester X(
4. repeating DESIGN.. oh noo plzz! 0_o
5. 'accident' happened or some bad-doing by bad people that really mean to do that sort of thing (they do exist! i tell ya!)
6. the judgement day of cuz... the sun wil be couple of inches from our head, ugly bad creatures appeared from below ground.. hmmm...
7. having the feeling that im the only one that can see and alone, like i cant see myself without looking at the mirror... anyone have that kind of feeling? or is it juz mee? 0_o

c) Top 7 songs

1. Kevin Rudolf ft Lil Wayne - Let It Rock
2. Christina Aguilera - Save Me From Myself
3. Breaking Benjamin - Diary of Jane
4. Metallica - Frantic
5. Lady Gaga - Just Dance
6. Acceptance - So Contagious
7. Skye Sweetnam - Human

d) 7 words that always comes out from your mouth

1. haaaaah?!
2. laaaa~
3. bab*
4. o mak kau
5. deerrr~
6. so?
7. yeke?

e) 7 things that're precious

1. my free time, since i entered the family of architecture...
2. money
3. my lappie~
4. my teddies~
5. MY CLOTHES so ira dont ever think of wearing mine! >=/
6. my loved ones
7. my friends~ =)

f) 7 first times

1. my friends celebrated my 21st bday =)
2. got harrassed/psycho by someone psycho that doesnt even know the word 'give up'. yes people they do exist.
3. operation, appendics. ahaa.
4. fainted. during marching training for scouts, back when i was in form 4.
5. online shopping started early diz year~ =P
6. people 'looking' at me when i entered university.
7. got cheated for 5 months! how could i missed that ~_~''''

g)7 LUCKY people that i tagged

1. shaza
2. pittokun (buat taw! >=/)
3. seri
4. kak yani
5. dayang
6. ninie
7. illi

nooMooOOooo ALERT

hehehe saje nk bg kat u. mesti u nak kan >=D

December 3, 2008


*slump on the floor wif spotlight over me while my surroundings is pitch black wif 3 ghostly-fire surrounds me

i have done it...

oh GOD forgive me.. sesungguhnye i can not take it...

i tried but... *sigh

at last i crumble bcuz of the innocent look of the PIXIE OXFORDS SHOE..
*T_T my pocket money for this week is gone... well the good part of it, it prevents me from buying the cow-patterned sling bag 0_o ahaaa... uhuhuhuuhuhuuhuhuhuhu poket habuk


i do love you

n i always do........

December 2, 2008


sling bag

pixie cut oxfords
money money money~_~'''''
syima ni mmg boros. mate xleh dok diam tangan gatal je. da taw pitih kureng lagi nak menggatal. nnOOooooOOoooo~~~~!!!

December 1, 2008

penghibur hati skrg ni

da link to song:

layan diz thing r8 now. really got the beat. love the lyrics. can fill up ur mind and buang perkara x sedap dalam kalbu.

Let It Rock (feat Lil' Wayne) lyrics

I see your dirty face
High behind your collar
What is done in vain
Truth is hard to swallow
So you pray to GodT
o justify the way you live a lie
Live a lie
Live a lie

And you take your time
And you do your crime
Well you made your bed
I’m in mine
Because when I arrive
I, I bring the fire
Make you come alive
I can take you higher
What this is, forgot?
I must now remind you
Let It Rock
Let It Rock
Let It Rock

[Kevin Rudolph]Now the son’s disgrased
He, who knew his father
When he cursed his name
Turned, and chased the dollar
But it broke his heart
So he stuck his middle finger
To the world
To the world
To the world

And you take your time
And you stand in line
Well you’ll get what’s yours
I got mine
Because when I arrive
I, I bring the fire
Make you come alive
I can take you higher
What this is, forgot?
I must now remind you
Let It Rock
Let It Rock
Let It Rock

[Lil Wayne]Yeah!Wayne’s world
Planet RockPanties drop
And the topsA
nd she gunna rock ’til the camera stop
And I sing about angels like Angela (rock)
And Pamela (rock)
And Samantha (rock)
And Amanda (rock)
And Tamara (rock)“Ménage à trois” [french for: 3-some]
Imin here like bitch what’s up
Mechanic, me, I can fix you up
I can fuck you upI can fuck you down
Shorty we can go wherever just pick a town
And the jewelry is louder than an engine sound
Big ass rocks like off the ground
Dirty like socks thats on the ground

Because when I arrive
I, I bring the fire
Make you come alive
I can take you higher
What this is, forgot?
I must now remind you
Let It Rock
Let It Rock
Let It Rock

Because when I arrive
I, I bring the fire
Make you come alive
I can take you higher
What this is, forgot?
I must now remind you
Let It Rock
Let It Rock
Let It Rock

Just Let It Rock
Let It Rock
Let It Rock
Let It Rock….
Let It Rock….

[Lil Wayne]Im back like I forgot somethin
Im somethin
Rulin Rock rubbin’ rap runnin’Miles like I’m trying to get a flat stomach
Like Wayne the personal trainer
My aim is perfect I’ll bang ya
Period, like the reminda

[Kevin Rudolph]I wish I could be
As cruel as you
And I wish I could say
The things you do
But I can’t and I won’t live a lie
No, not this time.

this song is a hit now!!

November 28, 2008


*squels! jumping around

ok ok calm down. for those who followed my blog, u must have read bout the things that i want?? the highcut boots, peep type boots, ankle boots, wrap dresses... then bout my previous post bout how i come close to own this ankle boots but a girl got it first.... *yeah she got it X(...

well.. ehm ehm *big grins
at first i want to buy a grey version but no size for me! and this baby is the last one that is available, itupun on the display shelf! got black but bigger! owh well as long as it is an ankle boots and it does look like a lil country cuz of its colour. aaahhhHHhhh~ HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY XDD
*btw shaza ive been trying to kol u cuz i was so excited =P.. huuuhuuu

November 26, 2008






yeah a babbling from me..
actualy i dont know what to post ere. it seems dat sum of my friends are very active wif the posting. wonder where they got the idea to do these??? =/

well lots of troubles i've gone through. sum to be expected and sum are not. sum dat i think stupid and sum i think are totally crazy. owh btw i juz finished my semester 7, i will be heading to my final semester, my final year at uitm shah alam, InsyaAllah.

and im doing my practical of 5 weeks~! pretty short huh?

there are sum things that i should have done it long ago but still tertangguh ~_~
call Dr Mariam for my title of research method
email my design project to ejat
unpack my luggage!! 0_o

ok dats all for now~

November 22, 2008

bored, got another one

by seri silly~

1. The age you'll be on your next birthday: 22 years old

2. Place you want to travel to: all over the world

3. Your favorite place: my room, shopping mall, in the passenger seat while pitto is da driver, exclusive restaurants XP

4. Your favorite food: sushi~!!

5. Your favorite pet: cats

6. Favorite color combination: black n white, black n red, black n yellow... lots of em i think 0_o

7. Favorite piece of clothing: t-shirt and jeans

8. Your all time favorite song: Save me from myself - Christina Aguilera

9. Favorite TV show: csi, amazing race

10. First name of your significant other/crush: nik noruhafizal

11. Which town do you live in: Ampang

12. Your screen name/nickname: syima, syimato, masyimaro, bb, chipmunk n lots

13. Your first job: as a designer for my uncle's client

14. Your dream job: im happy enough if the job can let me do some designing, sketching n colouring n of cuz lots of income >=D

15. One bad habit that you have: 'garu' tekak

16. Worst fear: backstabbers

17: Things you'd like to do before you die: pack some 'things' that im going to need in the next world

18. The 1st thing you'll buy if you get $1,000,000: i dont think i can decide which one im going to buy first... rambang mata 0_o. either the top 10 clothes of the season/car/ a plotter machine/ new laptop for work purpose only.. *sigh

19. Your husband/wife: not yet but will have in the future~ ;)

now im tagging : all my fwens in my fwens list

November 21, 2008

another tag?

i was tagged by shaza....

1. What is your name?
Nur Hasyimah Hamzah

2. How old are you?
21 n i can vote now~ ^^ *why im so happy bout it i dont know

3. What are the 3 electronics you can't live without?
hp, laptop, camera

4. Are you amazing?
my mum said so~ =P

5. What is the brand of the phone you are using?
sony ericsson

6. What color is your phone?

7. Have you slept in school before?
yes many times =0

8. How long are you online in a day?
can be 24 hours if im watching an anime or downloading things

9. How would you describe yourself?
sensitive, secretive, magnetic, creative, bad temper, stubborn.. emm more negative issues i guess

10. What's your favourite topic to talk about?
latest clothes on onlines store and gossiping

11. Which teacher do you like?
pn norjah, my technical drawing teacher =)

12. Who do you think is the most handsomest in your class?
fadhli, cot, adamo. jgn kembang idung aaa!

13. Who are you currently aiming on?
nik noruhafizal, already have him =P

14. Do you know a lot of your siblings' secret?
em no since im studying in universities now

15. How do you rate your siblings?
hmm in terms of sensitiveness n temper, we're all tied
afiq 2 stars for being super malas n .... em dont need to write it ere
boy 3 stars a jerk but can be dependable
ira 4 stars, my slave >=D

16. Are your siblings gorgeous?
i think so hahahaahaa

17. Do you judge people?

18. Do you run?
to the studio, yes

19. Are you lazy to tag people?
nope~ like to do this

20. Who was the last person you spoke on the phone?
my bf~

21. What is 2 + 2?

22. Who is your idol?
christina aguilera, parents

23. Are you a monster?
emm maybe when im mad?? 0_o

24. Do you play with Barbie dolls?
used to

25. What was the last movie you watched?
over her dead body

26. What do you think of your English?
not perfect

27. What do you think about your Bahasa Malaysia?
Bm yang pasar

28. Who do you hate?

29. Do you love yourself?

30. Blurt out 5 random words
BOSAN GILE BABI BUAT KEJE!!! *Wow cukup2 5! sorry for the bad words. dats y it's called random~

now im goin to tag:
nik noruhafizal, sofahani, kak yani, rafiq, anne, dayang, ninie, ali, i think all in my fwens list kot? =P

November 20, 2008



apparently the review is TODAY

i slept from 8++pm till 8 am diz morning.
no time to upgrade the drawings.
huhuhu the hell laah da malas~

k time to do my research method! T_T

November 19, 2008



will post the pictures soon

the things i want to do right now is sleep~ sleep~ sleep~

but.. the things i have to do:
1. redo assignment history
2. submit research methos on friday
3. upgrade my drawings n presentation for internal and external reviw *nooOOoooOOOoooo


November 14, 2008

thank you~

a birthday cake from my friends~!!

thank you u guys! this is the first time for me~ ^^ *sobsob.

again thanks shaza, fira, rf, naz, sleazy and ninie! XDD

sunway lagoon pictures

sorry for the late updates. busy with my exams and submission. these are some of the pictures..

happy faces

like this picture very much ^^

my kimi... XD

me alone after sending shaza home

November 8, 2008

another SPOOF


american football youth world cup is the main target now!
combining all the aces from every team in japan (sena, shin, kid, the dreadlocks dude dont know his name, yamato, kakei n others) in one team representing JApan~!!


"tinggalkan design untuk 1 hari"

ahaaaaa yup, went to sunway lagoon juz now wif fatin shaza. at first ninie, amin n ayu were suppose to join us. but last minute they cancelled. sigh~

well we spent most of our time at dry park cuz we're so excited bout geting on the rides n taking each other pictures (berbatak). in other words, my camera is full of shaza's photos while her is full of mine. we're going to exchange it later.

then, we ate at house of pancakes, do some window shopping.... actually no, we're not window shopping, we did bought sumthg. shaza bought a necklace, while i a brown clincher... ~_~''''

im going to post some of the pictures soon cuz kene tapis dulu ahaks! XD

*anyway, while eating at 'House of Pancakes', i notice diz couple that sit behind of us. his face is familiar but i cant recall. then i saw his 'gf'. so young. the guy like in late 30's n he's holding a baby. as soon as i said to shaza,"tgk kapel tu mudanye da ade baby", i frozed. my eyes locked on da guy that was holding da baby, shaza also doing the same. why? bcuz it was AZNIL!!! omigod! i siku2 shaza cuz she was holding her camera but she juz frozed. then aznil like "apehal budak 2 ekor ni pandang aku mcmtu" then terus kuar. aiyaaa~ aznil~!! XDDD. try to catch him up later but we lost him. damn~ i think the baby is his cucu kot.

so not helping

i thought internet, hp, YM and other softwares n gadgets are suppose to make human lives easier?

if my online messages stil x sampai kat org and when im on the phone the line keeps breaking off, how can it contribute to human lives??? it brings more misunderstanding ~_~''''. the damn-est (broken english i know) part is when u totally-desparately need it, die buat hal plak.... tension gile!

*sorry, babbling by syima ~_~''''''

November 5, 2008

Shopaholics out there~

behold~ =O.... heee juz promoting to other shopaholics out there and window shoppers as well ;)

the map to the bazaar.. hmmm i think it's not reachable by publc i guess... damn! nak tumpang sape ah?? shaza~!! =D

a little piece of my mind

i dont understand on how some people tends to cross other people's boundary.

so easy going and juz do what they want to do either it is intended or not, cuz they have the advantages in certain or all aspects. in 'accidental' cases, maybe they didnt mean to do it.

but sometimes, bcuz they are so easy going and other stuffs, even when they have crossed the line they still didn't realized it. like they said, "it's my body, my life! i can do whatever i want, dont need anyone to teach or preech to me, i know what to do"

well HELL YEAH that's true. even i agreed on that. but if u people dont need anyone to teach u, then u must have heard and knew the word RESPECT. well, i think some of them dont or they are just playing dumb (i prefer they being stupid naturally). "people will never respect u if dont learn on how to respect others". i dont know who the hell of philosopher that said this but it's truely showing what im trying to say.

aaRggghh! wuwuwu wut-da-heck?? now im quoting a philosper's line??? yeah i guess History is still stuck in my head although i have took the history paper yesterday morning... ~_~. anyway, i juz a lil pissed and bothered by some events that occured today.

November 2, 2008


thanks mama n abah for showing up today to cheer me up~ =)


November 1, 2008

SPOOF! sorry =Ps

WAaaaAAHHHH~!!! im so excited excited excited! XDDDDDD
on of my fav manga juz updated recently which is EYESHIELD 21.
it came up wif the results that i've wanted and always believed in it!

sorry cuz this might be a spoof to other fans out there but but but....
the '60 YARDS MAGNUM' is not joke at all but it's the truth!!!!

YAA-HAAAA~! *with sounds of hiruma's machine gun

ok ok enough syima now dug ur face into the book, u hv a paper tomorrow~ XPPP

October 28, 2008

fall for you

Fall For You

The best thing about tonight's that we're not fighting
Could it be that we have been this way before
I know you don't think that I am trying
I know you're wearing thin down to the core

But hold your breathe
Because tonight will be the night that I will fall for you
Over again
Don't make me change my mind
Or I wont live to see another day
I swear it's true
Because a girl like you is impossible to find
Your impossible to find

This is not what I intended
I always swore to you i'd never fall apart
You always thought that I was stronger
I may of failed
But I have loved you from the start

But hold your breathe
Because tonight will be the night that I will fall for you
Over again
Don't make me change my mind
Or I wont live to see another day
I swear it's trueBecause a girl like you is impossible to find
It's impossible

So breathe in so deep
Breathe me in
I'm yours to keep
And hold onto your words
Cuz talk is cheap
And remember me tonight
When your asleep

Because tonight will be the night that I will fall for you
Over again
Don't make me change my mind
Or I wont live to see another day
I swear it's true
Because a girl like you is impossible to find
Tonight will be the night that I will fall for you
Over again
Don't make me change my mind
Or I wont live to see another day
I swear it's true
Because a girl like you is impossible to find
Your impossible to find

October 27, 2008


hmm last saturday went to shaza's open house wif hafizal. *im da driver. first it went well. till my dad keep calling me, telling me where to go or not, what's da current traffic stuation, jumping lanes or so. cmon la i know already where to go~! i juz keep on following the signboard right? first jln kuching, then jalan duta, then find 'sri hartamas'. it's as easy as dat.

i know, abah was worried, afraid that i migh got lost, but bcuz of dat, i did got lost! i missed the turning two times and had to do a big loop and end up back at jalan kuching. it was so frustrating. i was suppose to take left than he said

'jgn amik kiri! stay lane kiri!!' okla i stayed at the left lane.
then bile smpi lagi satu junction he yelled, 'nape x masuk kiri td!!!??" wutdaaa~!
'i was planning to! till u said to stay on the left lane n jangan masuk kiri!'
'abah maksudkan stay lane kirii tu masuk la kiri!!!'
'takkan awak x perasan simbol tol tu? awak dua org dlm kete xkan sorang x prasan??!!
*there's no 'tol' simbol. juz 'highway'

OMGOMGOMG tension gileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee -_-. almost got hit by a truck when i dengan selambe nye masuk lane die after stopping between 2 junctions. sorry dear.. he juz stay silent all the way. *but it was not my fault. that truck is speeding at the left lane.

ddduuuuuuuhhhhhh thats one of the things i dont like when im behind da wheels cuz my dad tends to get 'protective n insecure' -_-

October 23, 2008



but not completed... T_T


October 15, 2008

it's our faces!!

hehehe these picture was taken by the shop owner (the young lady wearing tudung) while i was trying da dress at the bijou bazaar. anyway visit their blogsites for muslims' fashion tips and clothess~ =D