November 5, 2008

a little piece of my mind

i dont understand on how some people tends to cross other people's boundary.

so easy going and juz do what they want to do either it is intended or not, cuz they have the advantages in certain or all aspects. in 'accidental' cases, maybe they didnt mean to do it.

but sometimes, bcuz they are so easy going and other stuffs, even when they have crossed the line they still didn't realized it. like they said, "it's my body, my life! i can do whatever i want, dont need anyone to teach or preech to me, i know what to do"

well HELL YEAH that's true. even i agreed on that. but if u people dont need anyone to teach u, then u must have heard and knew the word RESPECT. well, i think some of them dont or they are just playing dumb (i prefer they being stupid naturally). "people will never respect u if dont learn on how to respect others". i dont know who the hell of philosopher that said this but it's truely showing what im trying to say.

aaRggghh! wuwuwu wut-da-heck?? now im quoting a philosper's line??? yeah i guess History is still stuck in my head although i have took the history paper yesterday morning... ~_~. anyway, i juz a lil pissed and bothered by some events that occured today.

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