November 1, 2008

SPOOF! sorry =Ps

WAaaaAAHHHH~!!! im so excited excited excited! XDDDDDD
on of my fav manga juz updated recently which is EYESHIELD 21.
it came up wif the results that i've wanted and always believed in it!

sorry cuz this might be a spoof to other fans out there but but but....
the '60 YARDS MAGNUM' is not joke at all but it's the truth!!!!

YAA-HAAAA~! *with sounds of hiruma's machine gun

ok ok enough syima now dug ur face into the book, u hv a paper tomorrow~ XPPP


Fatin Shaza said...

hahahahaha! bila la e21 nie nak abis!

Syima said...

bwek~ jgn laa abis... huhuu