November 26, 2008


yeah a babbling from me..
actualy i dont know what to post ere. it seems dat sum of my friends are very active wif the posting. wonder where they got the idea to do these??? =/

well lots of troubles i've gone through. sum to be expected and sum are not. sum dat i think stupid and sum i think are totally crazy. owh btw i juz finished my semester 7, i will be heading to my final semester, my final year at uitm shah alam, InsyaAllah.

and im doing my practical of 5 weeks~! pretty short huh?

there are sum things that i should have done it long ago but still tertangguh ~_~
call Dr Mariam for my title of research method
email my design project to ejat
unpack my luggage!! 0_o

ok dats all for now~


Fatin Shaza said...

Hehehe... tu la kan? Ktrg ni mmg xde keje tapi nak asyik blog je...

I kena wat 3D on sketchup for the first day of work! Best gilerrrr! Wat Balai Islam/Masjid camtu. Bestttttt

Dayangku Nuraini Wahed said...

life offers a whole lot of inspirations for blogging hahaha...