November 8, 2008

"tinggalkan design untuk 1 hari"

ahaaaaa yup, went to sunway lagoon juz now wif fatin shaza. at first ninie, amin n ayu were suppose to join us. but last minute they cancelled. sigh~

well we spent most of our time at dry park cuz we're so excited bout geting on the rides n taking each other pictures (berbatak). in other words, my camera is full of shaza's photos while her is full of mine. we're going to exchange it later.

then, we ate at house of pancakes, do some window shopping.... actually no, we're not window shopping, we did bought sumthg. shaza bought a necklace, while i a brown clincher... ~_~''''

im going to post some of the pictures soon cuz kene tapis dulu ahaks! XD

*anyway, while eating at 'House of Pancakes', i notice diz couple that sit behind of us. his face is familiar but i cant recall. then i saw his 'gf'. so young. the guy like in late 30's n he's holding a baby. as soon as i said to shaza,"tgk kapel tu mudanye da ade baby", i frozed. my eyes locked on da guy that was holding da baby, shaza also doing the same. why? bcuz it was AZNIL!!! omigod! i siku2 shaza cuz she was holding her camera but she juz frozed. then aznil like "apehal budak 2 ekor ni pandang aku mcmtu" then terus kuar. aiyaaa~ aznil~!! XDDD. try to catch him up later but we lost him. damn~ i think the baby is his cucu kot.


Fatin Shaza said...

Xde, yg bestnya tu -- dier pandang kita, ktrg pandang dier mcm BLUR GILER.

Lepas dier dah blah, baru fikir "mcm kenal je muka tu..."


Syima said...

huuhuu damn la cne leh miss die ~_~

Hafizal said...

aznil? who the hell?

Syima said...

aznil nawawi la dear. yg ex hos akademi fantasia, dj era, yg tom tom bak n mcm2 aznil tu... x knal?

Hafizal said...

uhuh...okies ~_~"