July 6, 2012

Sexy, free & single, ULTIMATE

Sexy, Free & Single MV


July 2, 2012

Sexy, free & single

MV Teaser

Album's medley

becnhvbhieruwmcovbuilernwmcovnuoermlvoinumolebuernovmleo ORGASM HYPER VENTILATING WOOOOOTTTT

April 22, 2012

6 reasons u should consider being a cat

credit : Pusheen
for cat lovers i recommend u to check out this webpage ;)

April 15, 2012

Studio trip : Singapore

Laselle college of arts. Especially built for the creative minds. They have an interesting green space in the middle but pity, it is kinda hot, the wind doesn't blew through the courtyard that much. A mistake in the orientation of the building maybe? Or maybe because of the construction site just next to it.

Universal Studio
(YES i went there again)
 this time totally PUAS because i rode on Battleship Galactica roller coaster 3 TIMES,
F YEAH \m/ all time favourite, the Blue ride aka CYCLON!
 But this time they have 'upgraded' the Red ride aka HUMAN with shoulder safety belt, last time there is only waist safety belt. So there is not much thrill as the previous one. I remembered the last time i rode that, i totally didn't like it because i felt like i can be thrown out of my seat

The Pinnacles @ Duxton, reminds me of Linked Hybrid

The Marina Bay Sands

The Helix Bridge

The Henderson Wave. Pedestrian bridge made of wood with steel structure

 The Interlace by Ole Scheeren (former OMA), still in construction
 3D graphics

Bishan Public Library

Reflections at Keppel Bay by Daniel Libeskind, still in construction
3D graphic

School of the Arts

The Esplanade

March 25, 2012

It is 4:30am

I hate high rise.
I am more to horizontality.
Why do i have to do this, i admit i am not skillful in this type of building.
Daaaamn i hate this

March 7, 2012

Random 17

... No. more to compilation of things happening in the late 2011 and early this year

J-fest organized by UiTM's Japanese Language Society

Watched theater "Badai Semalam" with my family

2nd trip to Singapore & Universal Studio Singapore during Chinese New Year and this time with mama and my siblings

Master 01 review & competition in Putrajaya

Cameron & Perak Trippin' to release the stress during semester break

and Alhamdulillah, i did really well in my 1st semester. Now, the real hardships begins in the 2nd semester...

January 23, 2012


EDIT 8/2/2012 : it has been weeks but still no sign of them.. ;____;. I hope somebody took them and take care of them... i don't ever wanna think the worst case scenario.
Upon the happiness we achieved last weekend, we just found out that 2 of our cats are gone missing. My dad took them for a walk for the 1st time last weekend at Pandan Indah Park and accidently lost them. It started to rain so my dad had to went back home.. I don't know but it makes me furious and disappointed. Why didnt u just take them for a walk at the park near our house? I heard that abah wanted to let them loose i get it, even mama approves of the idea, but why Mek? Nala has always been an escape artist, independent and she knows the outside world quite well. But Mek is a 100% house cat. She is a Queen. She sleeps on a huge cushion under the air-cond. She doesn't like people to cuddle her and touched her belly. Even when the door is open, unlike her sisters Ah Tek & Achik that will immediately walk towards the gate but not Mek. She would just laying there in front of the door, doesn't even trying to make a step. This is not fair for her. It should be done step by step, not gone missing like this, at the park which is not even in our neighbourhood. I have gone searching for them for hours at the park and at the area surrounding it but i just couldnt find them..

I am so sad and i feel so sorry for her... T^T . The thought of her coming back is clearly impossible since she never went outside. If anyone founds her and wanted to take care of her, be my guest. But if u don't want to please help me and if u have seen her please inform me...

I am so sorry Mek.. u must have been suffering right now.. where did u sleep last night? What did u eat? Are u with Nala right now? Oh God please let them be safe... It's breaking my heart to see Achik and Ah Teh now. They keep sticking to each other. Usually they are more to lone ranger, Achik likes to hang around on the sofa in the living room while Ah Teh in my parents bedroom. But now they are always together, eat together, now sleeping together, as if.. they know that their sister is missing and they don't want to let either one of them out of their sight. It breaks my heart... T^T

January 21, 2012

T-ara - Rolly Polly Japanese version

DAMN... CUTE... (屮゚Д゚)屮
Jiyeon~~~  ♥

January 20, 2012

Rapid Prototyping Model

Using Rhino + Grasshopper, then we printed it at the Engineering Faculty, free of charge haha. 1 group of 2 members, so there are 15 models.

Overall of the models

This is mine & Farhah's. Simple, well it's because i don't know how to use Rhino, this is the best i could do.

January 1, 2012

The Lost Valentine

Last night, i was doing my laundry. While doing that i watched a DIVA movie, The Lost Valentine. There is this character named Lucas Thomas, he smiled, and i immediately been lifted off my feet. I remembered seeing him somewhere before, i Googled him. It was Sean Faris. Back then he was not that handsome, more to cute. But since he is growing older & more mature, with that little facial hair... DAMN IT HE IS SO FIIINEEEE. When he smiles, i squealed like a fangirl OMG~~~~~~ When i looked at him closely, i realized that he is in my-type-category ahaha. I always have a soft spot for deep eyed, dark haired, dark brown/green eyes, magnificent jawline boys ♥

This is a video clip of a part in the movie, start from 07:32 this is the part where i squealed like mad.

08:52 - 08:54 That is the smile that i was talking about
09:01 - 09:04 My heart was beating like mad when he walks closer, with that naughty face expression
09:10 - 09:11 I DIED

All i can say is, he got gorgeous-killer smile.

Happy new year!

For the 1st time in my life i went out to celebrate New Year sounds so noob like? ahahah I went with Ziela & Aden and later meet up with Adam & Ida at the Curve. Before that the three of us had our dinner at the Sushi King, Ziela's treat! hee thanks babe! ^^

After meeting up with Adam & Ida, we went into the Curve, passing by some school kids that were trying so hard to show off that they can get drunk, screaming and cheering so loudly, heh.. Kids. They look so young, i think around 14-15 years old. Anyway we went into the crowd at the plaza, which was a big mistake. People were spraying at each other with foam and bubbles that we hurriedly went upstairs to the pedestrian bridge and waited there. The moment the clock struck 12, everyone screamed "Happy New Year" and suddenly the plaza has turn into zombie land, all of them attacking each other with their foam spray. It was very fascinating to see ahaha. Then we watched the fireworks that lasted for about 15-20 minutes, they were magnificent and beautiful. Well maybe not internationally, but it was worth it.

After that we sat on the grass just outside the curve, mainly people-watching ahaha. The traffic was very congested too so we just sat there waiting for the time to pass by. By the time the traffic has ease down, we headed back to Shah Alam. It was a wonderful experience =)

Not bored with BB

The weekend i went to Singapore, my grandmother, Mak Ti and family came to KL and stayed at our house for 2 weeks. On the last weekend, mama took us all (except my grandmother since she is not feeling well) to have a 'vacation' in the middle of the KL again ahahaha. Most of the people would say.. Why vacationing in KL? Well sight-seeing in the city especially during the night is not so bad after all~ We stayed at the hotel for 1 night. On the 1st day we went to Timesquare Theme Park and during the night we went for a stroll along the BB road and had our dinner at the Pavilion. For the 1st time i experienced a-full-packed of people at the Pavilion, so many people that it was damn hard to even took a family photo since people keep on passing by in front of the camera. On the last day we all had a good-quality-family time by swimming together at the pool and exercising at the gym. It was worth it =).