January 23, 2012


EDIT 8/2/2012 : it has been weeks but still no sign of them.. ;____;. I hope somebody took them and take care of them... i don't ever wanna think the worst case scenario.
Upon the happiness we achieved last weekend, we just found out that 2 of our cats are gone missing. My dad took them for a walk for the 1st time last weekend at Pandan Indah Park and accidently lost them. It started to rain so my dad had to went back home.. I don't know but it makes me furious and disappointed. Why didnt u just take them for a walk at the park near our house? I heard that abah wanted to let them loose i get it, even mama approves of the idea, but why Mek? Nala has always been an escape artist, independent and she knows the outside world quite well. But Mek is a 100% house cat. She is a Queen. She sleeps on a huge cushion under the air-cond. She doesn't like people to cuddle her and touched her belly. Even when the door is open, unlike her sisters Ah Tek & Achik that will immediately walk towards the gate but not Mek. She would just laying there in front of the door, doesn't even trying to make a step. This is not fair for her. It should be done step by step, not gone missing like this, at the park which is not even in our neighbourhood. I have gone searching for them for hours at the park and at the area surrounding it but i just couldnt find them..

I am so sad and i feel so sorry for her... T^T . The thought of her coming back is clearly impossible since she never went outside. If anyone founds her and wanted to take care of her, be my guest. But if u don't want to please help me and if u have seen her please inform me...

I am so sorry Mek.. u must have been suffering right now.. where did u sleep last night? What did u eat? Are u with Nala right now? Oh God please let them be safe... It's breaking my heart to see Achik and Ah Teh now. They keep sticking to each other. Usually they are more to lone ranger, Achik likes to hang around on the sofa in the living room while Ah Teh in my parents bedroom. But now they are always together, eat together, now sleeping together, as if.. they know that their sister is missing and they don't want to let either one of them out of their sight. It breaks my heart... T^T


Fatin Shaza said...

I thoughts cats would go off somewhere their owners can't find when they're about to die? hopefully that's not the case though... maybe one of them just got lost and will return a few days?

All condolences to your family about the cats :(

Syima said...

am not sure bout them dying because.. they are just... not in the elderly citizens category. my dad kata masa bwk diarang pg padang, which is the 1st time for Mek, Nala suddenly runs off and upon seeing that Mek follows her. My dad couldn't catch up and then it started to rain. I dont know but a part of me saying that.. my dad deliberately let them loose... my parents ada kata nk lepaskn kucing2 ni tp kenela step by step, depan rumah dulu, then padang kat area sini then barula like 100% let go. ni terus ke taman yang dia x pernah pg.. its not fair for Mek, she never been to the outside world.. i just hope now.. she is in safe hands..