January 1, 2012

Not bored with BB

The weekend i went to Singapore, my grandmother, Mak Ti and family came to KL and stayed at our house for 2 weeks. On the last weekend, mama took us all (except my grandmother since she is not feeling well) to have a 'vacation' in the middle of the KL again ahahaha. Most of the people would say.. Why vacationing in KL? Well sight-seeing in the city especially during the night is not so bad after all~ We stayed at the hotel for 1 night. On the 1st day we went to Timesquare Theme Park and during the night we went for a stroll along the BB road and had our dinner at the Pavilion. For the 1st time i experienced a-full-packed of people at the Pavilion, so many people that it was damn hard to even took a family photo since people keep on passing by in front of the camera. On the last day we all had a good-quality-family time by swimming together at the pool and exercising at the gym. It was worth it =).

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AIra said...

dont delete a single pic in ur cam. i still x dpt gambar Singapore lagi! i too want mak ti's dtg kl's pic.