January 1, 2012

The Lost Valentine

Last night, i was doing my laundry. While doing that i watched a DIVA movie, The Lost Valentine. There is this character named Lucas Thomas, he smiled, and i immediately been lifted off my feet. I remembered seeing him somewhere before, i Googled him. It was Sean Faris. Back then he was not that handsome, more to cute. But since he is growing older & more mature, with that little facial hair... DAMN IT HE IS SO FIIINEEEE. When he smiles, i squealed like a fangirl OMG~~~~~~ When i looked at him closely, i realized that he is in my-type-category ahaha. I always have a soft spot for deep eyed, dark haired, dark brown/green eyes, magnificent jawline boys ♥

This is a video clip of a part in the movie, start from 07:32 this is the part where i squealed like mad.

08:52 - 08:54 That is the smile that i was talking about
09:01 - 09:04 My heart was beating like mad when he walks closer, with that naughty face expression
09:10 - 09:11 I DIED

All i can say is, he got gorgeous-killer smile.

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