September 28, 2010

2nd week Raya

Last Sunday, 26th Sept, my mum held an open house for my relatives on my dad's side. So we (including my brothers and sister) thought might as well invite some friends to come over. But i have to 'sacrifice' lots of open houses this week because i have to help my mum. So, sorry Adean, Aqie etc for not coming to yours.. =(

First, i want to say sorry (again) for not inviting all, i only invite those that I am close with, which is kinda fullhouse already. If i have to invite all, i have to set up a tent in front of my house =P. Thanks to my JR aka officemate Acap and Kak Shida & Kak Ina for coming~ Rafiq, sorry that u have to face lots of hardship coming to my house keh keh. Make it as a valuable experience ;)

 By this time, half of my relatives have go back already, couldn't snap some pictures earlier due to busy preparing food

 stuffed?? hehe

 2 of my buddies from Teknik KL, Zura and Baah. Wuuu~~~ my love for u guys will never decreased ❤

 Nana-bb came with her hubby Rezza, hee bahagia sungguh ye~

 I always have a soft spot for twins~~ Aish so cute!

ex-Cochrane Road School girls - Fatin, Epa, Awie, Sarah

 My bestfriend, Epa, since primary school, it's all because of Sailormoon!

*sigh* Archy kids - really, u guys are the greatest. Maghrib baru sampai~ memang tetamu terhormat. But, thanks so much for coming! macam rombongan Kak Kiah. Adamo and Ida-chan came early, so no pictures of those 2 lovelies in my camera

"Today in history, for now, the biggest number of Kakak's friends came to the house in 1 day"
- Abah, 26 Sept


September 24, 2010

Fairytale wedding?

OK call me slow but I just know about this wedding of the daughter of the late SM Nasimuddin (the founder of Naza Group), Nur Nadia.

OMG it is a fairytale o.0. I absolutely love the wedding reception! Its like living in Wonderland~ The cake is uniquely made~ looks like a bucket? a well? am not sure. The video editing is cool too, seriously like a music video.

Conclusion, Life is so much easier & everything (material subjects) that u want will come true - when u are darn rich..

Kittens galore!

Come on kitty Shere Khan don't be such an arse

U are an arse. BTW he seriously looks like a penguin here xD hahaahaah! 

"Let me goooo~~~"

Final name --> Baloo (the happy go lucky one) Shere Khan (a grumpy arse) King Louie (crazily active)
Subject due to change since we still not sure the exact gender. We already suspected that 2 out of 3 are females. If Shere Khan is a female, i will called her Bedah or Mek Tok. She is so annoyingly noisy, keeps on screaming and mewing =_=

Dont fight Shere Khan be nice!

Aww~~ Louie is happy ^^

Baloo says "howdy partner~".. or is it Louie??? o.0

Baloo with collar bracelet, fat-straight-tail Shere Khan and Louie at the back

September 19, 2010

Makan - makan 1st week Raya

Potluck with ex-studiomates at Tasik Seksyen 7 (look at the food behind us!). Actually this was during last week of fasting. Almost all of my studiomates came, including my seniors =). Forgot to take a picture of Kuih Gula Melaka version ZieMa, it was yellow in colour hehe. But very nice~ ;)

15 Sept - We crashed Ziela's house at Senawang in the afternoon. I rode with Sopey, Red and Aden while Loq droved his car with Haa & others. For the first time since Raya, the dishes were not rendang and curry. Sangat berselera ^^

In the evening, we went to Loq's house in Subang, with Dav, Adam and Ida joining in. Too bad Ziela couldn't joined us since Loq's house is far away from hers and she still doesn't want to go back to her rented house. The Laksa was so spicy that I didn't even dare trying. But i did had fun teasing my crying-friends hehe.

17 Sept - That day was the last day i saw Nabilah for she'll be flying to UK the day after to further her studies. Just like after meeting Shaza, i cried on the way back home. Bo hoo hoo T^T. May all of my best wishes and prayers will always be with you my good friend~

Later that evening, my family and I went to Pak Ngah's house at Rawang. I thought we were the only guests, but then my Ucu and Aunty Yong's family also came. We are going to visit Ucu the next day but its not hurt to see her sooner ^^. At least we can make some requests on what dishes she should cook eheh. But she failed, because mama asked for Nasi Beriyani, and she just cooked plain rice LOL. Well at least she make up to it by preparing Kari Kepala Ikan~ nyum nyum ^^

well~ thats it for now..

September 16, 2010

Raya 2010 - Kelantan

As usual, all 5 of us except Abah, balik kampung. The order of visiting relatives also remains the same hehe. But this time we planned a trip to Melawi Beach. It is such a beautiful place!

only a quarter of the big family

sopan kan? hehehe

Mercun time! Battling with our village neighbour and we won because we fired 2 fireworks! muahahaha!

Melawi Beach is right next to Bachok but it is a private beach, only for those who stays at the chalets. So the beach is very clean and less people ^^. I don't think i see any rubbish while i was there.

Some of my dork-cousins

Ira as the leader-big sis by little cousins ^^

4 out of 11 sisters (plus 2 brothers)

My cousin Huda ^^

My sweet-cute grandmother, Mak


September 8, 2010

Not good at all

I just found out... Although it is not recently happened.. but damn.

It is very immature of u to talk something about our or my past in a public post. I just being emo myself, i didnt post about your weaknesses and bad remarks to let the public be the judge and criticized. As a result, you are making people looking down on me.

U said u have changed, but u never at all. U still act abruptly without thinking the consequences.

September 6, 2010

Be awe by my hubby Siwon ♡

SMTown LA goods
This is my 2nd hubby, Choi Siwon *taking a break from my number 1 Kyuhyun hehee*

SMTown LA concert