September 16, 2010

Raya 2010 - Kelantan

As usual, all 5 of us except Abah, balik kampung. The order of visiting relatives also remains the same hehe. But this time we planned a trip to Melawi Beach. It is such a beautiful place!

only a quarter of the big family

sopan kan? hehehe

Mercun time! Battling with our village neighbour and we won because we fired 2 fireworks! muahahaha!

Melawi Beach is right next to Bachok but it is a private beach, only for those who stays at the chalets. So the beach is very clean and less people ^^. I don't think i see any rubbish while i was there.

Some of my dork-cousins

Ira as the leader-big sis by little cousins ^^

4 out of 11 sisters (plus 2 brothers)

My cousin Huda ^^

My sweet-cute grandmother, Mak



Fatin Shaza said...

Pergi pantai!!! Jeles!!

Syima said...

Nanti u balik sini kita jalan2! =D