September 28, 2010

2nd week Raya

Last Sunday, 26th Sept, my mum held an open house for my relatives on my dad's side. So we (including my brothers and sister) thought might as well invite some friends to come over. But i have to 'sacrifice' lots of open houses this week because i have to help my mum. So, sorry Adean, Aqie etc for not coming to yours.. =(

First, i want to say sorry (again) for not inviting all, i only invite those that I am close with, which is kinda fullhouse already. If i have to invite all, i have to set up a tent in front of my house =P. Thanks to my JR aka officemate Acap and Kak Shida & Kak Ina for coming~ Rafiq, sorry that u have to face lots of hardship coming to my house keh keh. Make it as a valuable experience ;)

 By this time, half of my relatives have go back already, couldn't snap some pictures earlier due to busy preparing food

 stuffed?? hehe

 2 of my buddies from Teknik KL, Zura and Baah. Wuuu~~~ my love for u guys will never decreased ❤

 Nana-bb came with her hubby Rezza, hee bahagia sungguh ye~

 I always have a soft spot for twins~~ Aish so cute!

ex-Cochrane Road School girls - Fatin, Epa, Awie, Sarah

 My bestfriend, Epa, since primary school, it's all because of Sailormoon!

*sigh* Archy kids - really, u guys are the greatest. Maghrib baru sampai~ memang tetamu terhormat. But, thanks so much for coming! macam rombongan Kak Kiah. Adamo and Ida-chan came early, so no pictures of those 2 lovelies in my camera

"Today in history, for now, the biggest number of Kakak's friends came to the house in 1 day"
- Abah, 26 Sept



Anonymous said...

huhuhu.. rafiq

Honey Lalala said... face look so ugly on dat seat =_=

ha-ha,of coz soo many,including me,and also fatin,sara&azwie.. many aite?


thx for d food! yummies my tummy! =D

Syima said...

thanks for coming ^^

Syima said...

anonymous; whaa?

rafeat said...

sedih, kelakar, happy semua ada msa tue.... diorg semua pakai complete beraya tanpa basah kuyup. hahahahhaha

Syima said...

tula dah taw hujan npe x stop mana2 dlu? pelik la hang ni =P

rafeat said...

bukan xnk stop.... alang-alang dah kene hujan biar terus hingga ke destinasi. hahahhaha