September 24, 2010

Kittens galore!

Come on kitty Shere Khan don't be such an arse

U are an arse. BTW he seriously looks like a penguin here xD hahaahaah! 

"Let me goooo~~~"

Final name --> Baloo (the happy go lucky one) Shere Khan (a grumpy arse) King Louie (crazily active)
Subject due to change since we still not sure the exact gender. We already suspected that 2 out of 3 are females. If Shere Khan is a female, i will called her Bedah or Mek Tok. She is so annoyingly noisy, keeps on screaming and mewing =_=

Dont fight Shere Khan be nice!

Aww~~ Louie is happy ^^

Baloo says "howdy partner~".. or is it Louie??? o.0

Baloo with collar bracelet, fat-straight-tail Shere Khan and Louie at the back

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