February 28, 2009

Mama is so happy

she juz got home about 30 seconds ago
now she cant stop talking about M.Nasir
im glad she enjoyed herself
she got his autograph and shoke his hands
unfortunately my dear lil sis took a photo of M.Nasir only, not the photo of the shaking thingy
*sigh ~_~'''

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1. Go to your photo folder in your computer
2. Go to the 6th folder of photos
3. Go to the 6th picture in that folder
4. Put the picture on your blog and description of it
5. Invite six friends to join the challenge
6. Link them in your blog and let them know they have been challenged
Here it is:

a wallpaper of a cute couple~

im inviting : hafizal, shaza, dayang, ninie, anne and ziela

for those who got money


February 26, 2009

kitty SOS

remember 'Ginger'? (i named it)

yesterday afternoon, as i was on my way to do my laundry, i saw him in the drain, i think he fell from the 2nd floor (he used to play there with his other siblings). his nose and left eye was bleeding and i think both of his front legs were broken. it was a sunny day and ants have already gathered around him. unfortunately he was still alive! its not like i want him to be dead, but seeing him suffering, it's better to die anyway. so i pick him up, brushed off the ants and placed him at the shaded area. i looked for his mum, but she was nowhere to be seen. i have to leave him there cuz i got class.

my class finished early but i went back late cuz it was raining heavily in the evening. i looked for Ginger, but he wasnt there (the spot where i placed him). as i headed upstairs to my room, i saw him in the drain again, with his face sunken in the water. i dashed and picked him up, he's still alive!! poor thing! i dried Ginger with my tissues and placed him behind the washing machine so that the poor thing got heated.

i saw his mum upstairs. i carried her to Ginger. she sniffed him and guess wat? she turned and left! i was like,"hey anak kau ni xkan xnak dah?!" and placed her again right next to her son but again she left him there. heeeee beranak je taw! jaga x reti! poor Ginger =(. i dried him again and went to my room, feeling upset bcuz of his mother act. i juz pray that he died quickly..

at night, as i was doing my design in my room, Seri called me saying her friend saw ginger and brought him to the clinic (i think) but the doctor said to leave him with his mum. da problem is the mum doesnt want him anymore! die selamba gile menyusukan the other kittens while Ginger terhoyong-hayang kelaparan n kesakitan! eeeey geram btol!

later that night it was raining again. some girls placed Ginger in the corner, on top of a thick newspaper so that he doesnt feel the cold floor. i wrapped him wif kain buruk and still hoping that he will die tomorrow.

today, he was nowhere to be seen. Alhamdulillah he died at last...

that's what i thought until i saw him, still alive under the shoerack!!! arghh!!! poor poor Ginger! X(((. he's suffering... if he's still alive till tomorrow night, i think im going to ask my dad's permission to bring him home.. poor thing.. ='(

February 20, 2009

ninie tagged me

Rules: Use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of the results, and post it as your answer.

1) I am:

A Double Personality Person

2)I really want to go to:

3-5 stars hotel & resort for my research paper

3)My favourite place:

My Room

4)My favourite thing:


5)My favourite drink:

Apple Juice

6)My favourite food:

Kuey Teow KungFu

7)My favourite colour:


8)I was born in:

Hospital Universiti KL

9)I live in:

Terrace House

10)My school:

SM Teknik KL

11)My favourite story:

Lord of The Rings

12)My hobby:

Drawing & Sketching

13)I wish I am:


* for future copying:
1) I am:
2)I really want to go to:
3)My favourite place:
4)My favourite thing:
5)My favourite drink:
6)My favourite food:
7)My favourite colour:
8)I was born in:
9)I live in:
10)My school:
11)My favourite story:
12)My hobby:
13)I wish I am:

* I'm tagging - hafizal, sofahani, rabiatul, seri, wan, rafiq.

OMG mama

my mum did something extraordinary today.
do u guys ever heard that M.Nasir is helding a concert this weekend?? well my mum did try to buy those tickets b4 but the cheaper ones were sold out. so mama terpaksa berputih mata. that was last 2 weeks.

juz now mama called me, guess wat? she won 2 tickets of M.Nasir's concert! how?? through 'teka lirik' contest at Sinar.FM. the lyrics are from M.Nasir's songs, so no wonder my mum won, she is a kipas-susah-mati of the multi-talented artist. but she did surprised me by calling the radio station! it was like so out of nowhere! 0_o

mama will bring ira along since she said i've been to his concert twice while afiq once. Boboy? i dont think that he's interested in M.Nasir's concert. he rather stuck with his DOTA n WARCRAFT XP.

hope u will enjoy it mama~!! and beside i have other stuff to do this weekend~ ahaaa. plus crit session next monday.. lalalalala *y am i happy with the crit sesssion?? ~_~''

February 15, 2009


architecture students are SO 'blank' in using Microsoft Excel


Childhood friend's wedding

VENUE : Taman Sri Andalas, Klang
DATE : 14/2/2009

my childhood friend, iqa married on valentines day, last saturday. OMG she looks so beautiful, but i think the make-up makes her look too old for her age (she's 19 for ur info). besides she already has her natural beauty ( she's mix european-arabic-malay), so it was too bad cuz all of the 'beauty' been hide by the make-up. anyway she does look gorgeous =). oh her husband is 19 years old too, her classmates. ahaaa.. they took architecture course at a new private college.

may God bless you with happiness and grace my dear.. haiyaaa after this i cant play play wif u and i have to called u 'madam' for now on XDDD

waa she looks so gorgeous~ X))

look at us, so sememeh XDD

a serious gamers' talk

cutting the cake

me n my lil sis

the mother of the bride

the father of the bride

my family n uncle yas's family keeps on eating and gossiping altho all of the guests have gone inside the house

photography session

last last~! nak balik dah!

p/s : right after that, uncle yas perli,"syima x terasa tua ke?? *evil laughed* " damn ~_~''. i want to work first, find some money laaaa~!

February 14, 2009


am i expecting too much??

February 13, 2009


TQ so much! sorry i took ur time. absolutely love it =3


Munif's mother is sure a good baker~. b4 archifest, she promoted her cute cupcakes, n now she bake heart-shape biscuits for u-know-what-event ^_^. they came wif one particular shape but with different design in terms of its decorative icing.

one is yours and one is mine~
but i ate em both cuz ur not here at that time
heeee... XD nyumnyum

February 11, 2009

Past n Present


yaaa i know shaza n ziela already talked bout this... lalaala but i was so lazy at that time. i hurt my right thumb during the performance so i xde mood to do some posting. ok here goes~ last week was our final archyfest as 08 student of bach science in architecture n we did embarrassed ourselves. y?? the theme suppose to be "60's" (actly im not happy wif the theme, i heard and went to a lot of events wif "6o's" theme many times. so when i know about this semester theme, i felt like wana gag~), n our performance was not 60's at all. it was modern dance + step dance. to put matters worse, there're sound problem and the audience doesnt heard our stomping n singing cuz the floor is made of stone and pebbles. aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh~~~~~~~~~~

1 day b4 the embarrassg moment
couple of hours b4 embarrassg moment

couple of minutes b4 embarrassg moment
during embarrassg moment

after embarrassg moment, wif the absence of shaza n nabilah, and the enterframe of cot


now im hanging around lazily waiting for the lecturer to come so i snap a picture of my desktop n a meaningful scribble at the back >.<

some of my studio mates taking furniture design subject (im taking social planning) and today is their submission day. these are some of the designs showing that an architect also can build furniture~ XDD altho sumtimes it looks like somethg from outer space =P

chair than can be folded n unfolded by feera's group with munif fast asleep
nafis sittg on a 2-way-to-sit-wif-arm-rest-chair by hazwan's group
a 3-way-to-sit-chair by amin's group wif feera as the model

rocking chair by sleazy's group wif nabilah nyibuks at its side XD


look at these kitties~ actly thses photos were taken b4 the mid term break. so it was like 3 weeks ago?? one of the cats that're always hanging around my kolej block bursted out 6 kittens!. they're so cute! mama n abah always pesan to bring back one since our house no longer have a 4-legged being, but by the time my parents came, i couldnt find em anywhere. the little one at the back so remind me of my late baby, Param. mish u... >.<

February 10, 2009


im like so broke this week~!! >.<

*surprisingly today is da final day to pay for yuran kolej rm 210.. which i knew about.. 10 minutes ago?? damn! X(. mase org ade duit xnak mintak awal2! right now i only have around rm120 in my BIMB account. i asked abah for rm50, the rest i'll use my pocket money..T_T

*this saturday, 14/2 (woa~ valentinies day! >.<) is my childhoodfriend's wedding! and i stil have not buy her any present!

February 6, 2009

here it comes again..

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FIRST REAL BEST FRIEND : Sofahani (still in contact till now =))
FIRST SCHOOL : Tadika Anakku sayang, Kg Pandan.
FIRST CELL PHONE : Nokia 2100 i think, blue in colour.
FIRST FUNERAL : My late grandma on my father's side, it was one week b4 spm.
FIRST PET : a black cat name Tom then sumbody kidnapped him.
FIRST BIG TRIP : i cant remember.. =S but within malaysia.
FIRST FIGHT : fight with my siblings?? always~ =P. my friends, when i was in standard 6 when one my besties doesnt let me friend with others.
FIRST LOVE : when i was in secondary school.
FIRST TIME OUT OF THE COUNTRY? : never gone out of the country.
FIRST JOB : tutor for my brothers??
FIRST FRIENDSTER FRIEND : can't remember... ~.~'''


LAST CAR RIDE : syamim's. went to post office.
LAST TIME YOU CRIED? : hmm last 2 weeks kot?? cant remember..
LAST MOVIE YOU WATCHED : underworld wif my dear.
LAST ITEM BOUGHT : keychains from Pangkor.
LAST SHIRT WORN : beyond borders' shirt.
LAST PHONE CALL : hafizal =)
LAST TEXT MESSAGE : hafizal aka unkey.
LAST THING YOU TOUCHED : the keyboard of my laptop.
LAST FUNERAL : last year, my junior's.
LAST TIME AT THE MALL : last week, Klcc wif hafizal.
LAST TIME YOU WERE EXCITED FOR SOMETHING : last night, step dance practice.
LAST PERSON YOU SAW : shaza, on my left right now.
LAST THING YOU DRANK : mineral water.
LAST TIME YOU WERE REALLY HONESTLY HAPPY : spending time wif hafizal b4 going back to uitm =).

TAGGED : -- alia -- sofahani -- anne -- hafizal-- seri --

February 3, 2009

middle finger

damn internet lembap gile kat uitm ni!!! X(((((((
nak settlekan permohonan upu pun susah nk mampos! GrrRRrrrRRrrrrrr

*kicking my desk

February 1, 2009


malas gile nak buat assignments.... ~_~'''''