February 20, 2009

OMG mama

my mum did something extraordinary today.
do u guys ever heard that M.Nasir is helding a concert this weekend?? well my mum did try to buy those tickets b4 but the cheaper ones were sold out. so mama terpaksa berputih mata. that was last 2 weeks.

juz now mama called me, guess wat? she won 2 tickets of M.Nasir's concert! how?? through 'teka lirik' contest at Sinar.FM. the lyrics are from M.Nasir's songs, so no wonder my mum won, she is a kipas-susah-mati of the multi-talented artist. but she did surprised me by calling the radio station! it was like so out of nowhere! 0_o

mama will bring ira along since she said i've been to his concert twice while afiq once. Boboy? i dont think that he's interested in M.Nasir's concert. he rather stuck with his DOTA n WARCRAFT XP.

hope u will enjoy it mama~!! and beside i have other stuff to do this weekend~ ahaaa. plus crit session next monday.. lalalalala *y am i happy with the crit sesssion?? ~_~''

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